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nearly christmas

It is only a couple of days till the big day and I don’t think I have felt less Christmassy before. I just seem to be going through the motions at the moment, I have tried to get in the mood but I just does not seem to be there.

For the first time in years the wife is working Christmas eve (and the day before as well) so I will be on shopping and errants duty those two days. It does not help that we don’t get paid until Christmas eve, so there will be an early morning raid on the supermarket on Tuesday. I think it is going to be a long week.

Went for the ultra sound scan on my calf’s last week, doctor only had it down to look at my right calf (which tore about 8 weeks ago) but I informed him that the left one was also a problem and that it tore about two weeks ago. After scanning both calf’s he was able to confirm that the left calf had torn but could only see indication of previous damage in my right and that was it. Now it is back to my GP to see what he says.

I had to go to head office on Thursday to complete a job that would take me about 20 minutes (it is a five hour round trip), but it meant I would not have to rush around when I was back in work in the new year (a new wood router is being installed). When I got to the factory the desk that was going to be built to house the PC turned into a large metal cabinet, problem one, some of the cables were now too short. Problem two, I went to hook the PC upto the network and nothing, dead, a quick word with the electrician who wired the new network sockets in and he told me that they had not been connected up yet despite me being told that it was all ready for me to connect it all up. So the electrician got the hump as it had to leave what he was doing and connect the network up. It was while this was happening that a major incident happened. I heard somebody had collapsed, it was only when I went outside that I noticed the three paramedic cars, one ambulance and the emergency helicopter!! Turns out the guy had a major heart attack, the four first aiders at work kept the guy alive doing cpr (the paramedic words, he could not praise them enough for what they did) until the first paramedic arrived. It was nearly an hour before the guy was stable enough to be put into the ambulance and driven to where the helicopter had landed (about quarter a mile way) and taken to hospital.

After the ambulance had left the paramedic called everybody together and explained what had happen and what they had witnessed (the incident happen in the middle of the factory in clear view of everybody) and the (then) current status of the patient. It was a quiet sombre affair but the paramedic could not praise the first aiders enough for the work they did before he arrived. Last I heard the patient was serious but stable and sedated in intensive care. Hope he pulls through, it is never a good time for anything like that to happen, it even harder at Christmas time.

Well as it is Christmas (even if I don’t feel like it) and there a lot of tunes I could choose for “the post tune” but I decided to keep it short simple.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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still on a downward slide

Weigh in night tonight and it was a good night for me, one & a half pounds off, my lightest weight for many years. I have not yet hit the 3 stone loss mark and Christmas looms ever closer. I want to hit the three stone loss mark before Xmas and I want to still be in the 3 stone lost mark after Xmas and I don’t intend to have a starvation Christmas either.

I just don’t want a repeat of last Christmas, the diet stopped for two weeks, boy did I get a shock when I got back on the scales, I don’t want to be in that position again this year. What I have got going for me is the fact that I am now cycling and have every intention to be out on the bike as much as possible over the Xmas and New Year. Apart from the fact I enjoy it and have many areas I want to try and ride but also the exercise will help with the weight loss.

But apart from eating, there is drinking, I won’t say I have given up drinking as that makes it sound as though I have stopped drinking but I have not had a drink since May and I am not to sure what I am going to do? I have simply just held off drinking to help with the weight loss. All I can say it is going to be an interesting period.

I am going to have to try harder this week and make sure I keep on track over the weekends (normally where I go off the rails). Going to push to hit that 3 stone mark next week and then work hard to keep losing over Xmas. Going to try to go for a bike ride one night in the week at some point, even if it is only a lap around the block, it is all going to helps.

Be keen to hear from you if you are on a diet, how are you going to handle Xmas??

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