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minus 4 and cold

Now it is not the coldest it has been but for some reason -4 at 8:30 this morning went right through me as I rode of down the road. I had my normal riding gear on but my arms felt the cold, it was not a big problem as I soon warmed up.

It was quite nice riding along the river path this morning, the frozen grass cracking as I rode over it, just the occasional fisherman and dog walkers to be seen. Last time I rode along this path I had to ride along the top boundary of the field as the foot path was under 3 foot of water.

I came round the corner on one section and everything was white, there was a mist hovering over the river and this blended in to all the reeds that were covered in frost, bit surreal looking.

After yesterday ride this was a pretty mundane ride, half road, half off road, the only excitement during the ride was me falling through the ice, crossing a little stream (its about 10″ deep) in Hurn forest. It looked ok so I started to ride across then suddenly the back wheel goes through the ice, I put my foot down, which slipped from under me and then went through the ice. Ended up with my right foot and hand in the frozen water and my left foot and hand on the bike. Fortunately the waterproof boot and socks did there job as did the waterproof glove. Two hours and 16.4 miles later I was back home, this gave me a total of 31.2 miles for the weekend, not done over 30 miles over a weekend before and to be honest I felt as though I could of done more on both days. But I guess slowly building up the distance is the right way to do it.

The good thing with riding early in the day is that all the muddy areas are still frozen and so are easier to get through. Much of the off road section is muddy and would have been a hard slog on a warmer day.

Still having my pain in the butt problem, so I have ordered a new saddle, this has been recommended by several riders, so I will see what happens when I ride next week (assuming it get heres)

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