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happy birthday to my blog

My first blog was posted on the 6th May 2009, so tomorrow my blog will be 1 year old. A lot has happened in a year, starting life on blogger.com and then slowly dying like many blog’s until I gave the blog a new name and a new home and slowly but surely the blog has trundled on.

While much of the present blog looks at my cycling and dieting I still drop in the odd random subject like the A338 in Bournemouth and the miles of tail back caused as they cleared the drainage ditches in preparation to the major rebuild that was planned and now won’t be going ahead till 2011 as the County Council are £24 million short in the budget to carry out the work ( more here.

My hate of idiot on the road, work and life, there all in the archive for you to read. What does the next 12 month hold, well if I knew that I would not be sat here writing blog’s, that for sure. But what ever happens I will add it here and you are welcome to comment as you like.

Me I am going to go back to suffering with the sore throat from hell……………………

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