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welcome autumn

So it is the first of September, this morning when I left for work I had to find a coat to fend of the cold dank drizzle, (and it was dark) on the drive home I had the air con on as the sun beat down in the bright blue sky with scattered white fluffy clouds, typical British weather.

To be perfectly honest not much has changed since my last post, I have not been out for a ride although the Whyte has spouted some new bits but I am yet to test them. My ankle has gone from dam right painful to feeling OK and back to dam right painful on a weekly basis. Spoke to the doctor about it and he said he was happy to refer me to the orthopaedic consultant at the hospital but he is likely to want to put my leg in plaster for 8 weeks!! Not what I was looking for so I have left that idea on the shelf for the time being. I was at the doctors as I buggered my knee, I could not bend it with out being in pain, not sure what I did as I was sat at a desk and went to move and I could not bend or straighten my leg as my knee was agony. Doctor reckons I have broken a little bit of cartilage off and it is catching as I bend my knee. It is not to bad now I can walk ok but still can not fully bend my knee with out feeling pain.

Back to the doctors next week for a diabetic check up, I asked them back in early June if I needed a 6 month check and they said no, so I get a letter 6 weeks later telling me I need to go for a check-up?? By the time I go for the check-up and get the blood test results I will only be a couple of months away from my 12 month check?? I gave up trying to make sense of it, just hoping I have been doing it right, I certainly think I have but the check-up will tell me one way or the other. Day after that it is the dentist turn, one of my back teeth he did a major filling on a few years back has broken up, I know what the outcome will be, he did not want to do a filling on it last time but I told him I did not want it out, think I will probably loose the argument this time.

At last my big fish tank has got fish in it, ok so there is only 4 of them and they are each about 30mm long but by the end of the month I hope to have moved all the inhabitants of my other tank (along with all the rock) in to the big tank which is about 30 fish in total. Here is a picture of the tank (prior to putting the fish in the tank)

fish tank
Filled with water and ready for some fish (they are in the bag on the left)

Well that enough from me, thinking about giving the page a facelift, will need to find a template I like and see what I can do, but until next time, have fun………

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pretending to be a steam train!

When I was younger it was sticking a piece of cardboard on the rear fork stay so that the cardboard rubbed on the spoke so it sounded like a motorbike going down the road (well at least we thought so) when we cycled off. Yesterday I went out on a club ride and there was a small group of us at the back of the pack, huffing and puffing up this muddy, claggy, slight incline and a small voice from behind chirped up and said “we sound like a bunch of steam trains……..”

Yesterday it started out cold and sunny but by the time I left for the ride it was cold a cloudy. I decided to ride the 2.5 miles to the start point via the local heath and then into Delph Woods and then down the old railway line. I avoided most of the muddy bits on the heath but decided to take the easy path around the edge of Delph woods. This was ok until I came across the muddy bits, they were muddy and deep. By the time I got to the starting point my bike looked like it had done a full days ride in the mud already. I was also over heating by this time, so off came the first of my four layers.

The ride started and then stopped about 100yds up the road after the pedal fell off the ride leaders bike, not a good start fortunately it was only about 20yds from where his car was parked. We headed back to the local heath I had cycled across earlier, there were a couple of trails I had not tried before. One was a steep descent which had a lot of roots at the start and the other was a bit like riding in a deep gulley down one side of a hill and up the other side not a steep hill just a gentle incline in a 2 foot deep gulley just wide enough for the pedals and lined with prickly gorse bushes, fun! At the end of this section the 2nd of my four layers came as I was getting warm again. But now here is the problem, when I was going down hill my upper body was cold, when climbing up hills I was to hot, I can’t win…

Once we were off the heath it was off onto some new trails for me, not exactly sure where we went but hopefully I will be re-visiting those trails again over the xmas period. The ride finished with a nice little down hill section which brought us out on the old railway line close to our start point.

I have a busy week ahead at work, lots to try and get sorted before xmas plus I have some time to take off before the xmas holidays start. Dentist again for me tomorrow which is hopefully my last visit and he can finish the treatment.

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busy week

A very busy week which did not get off to a good start on Monday, I was not in a good mood during the day, as my mother would say, “got out the bed on the wrong side this morning did we”. Things did not improve as we left to go to Slimming World. Then the scales could not conceal my troughing from the previous week, it was only half pound gain but still a half pound to much. For various reason things continued to go downhill during the evening and by the time I got home I was stewing nicely (or not as the case maybe).

Tuesday dawned and I was needed at head office to install the server which had been returned from repair, well I would of install it done had the carrier got there finger out and delivered as requested by 9am. Maybe being located 10 miles from the centre of Southampton is a different time zone which allows the carrier to deliver items an hour late. I got back home early afternoon to find the wife virtually dead on her feet with some bug which is doing the rounds so I pointed her in the direction of her bed where she stayed until 7:30am this morning.

Wednesday I had the afternoon off, my son had an appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan, everything went well. I thought he might of freaked out by the noise the scanner makes (he dislikes loud noises) but he was quite calm. Now we have to wait and see what the consultant say.

Not only was our son at the hospital today, it was the day we found out what secondary school he would be going to in September (like many other parents around the UK). We found out just before we went to the hospital, he got his second choice (which was out of the area), first choice being the grammar school which we think he did not pass the entrance exams (mind you it oversubscribed by 296).

Tomorrow, working in the morning and off in the afternoon for a funeral. It is being held in the same church we got married in. But before that the wife is going for a 2nd job interview with a company she had an interview with last week, it is down to a choice between her or another person. Really hoping it goes the wife way as that would certainly turn the light back-on at the end of the tunnel for us, it is getting a little dark and grim around here at the moment.

We had only been back from the hospital about 10 minutes this afternoon when the phone rang, the local community dental service having just realised our son had been referred to them some 14 months ago but had not had the appointment, so he is off to see them on Friday afternoon.

Finally, here the video I mention on Sunday, unfortunately I set the camera a little to high so there are a few skyward shots but you get a nice feel for weaving in and out of the trees.

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not quite going to plan

It was weight in night tonight and I stayed the same as last week. I had thought it might be marginal, there had been a few extra during the week, nothing great just a sandwich here, bottle of wine there (just the one bottle). So to stay the same I am thankful for.

Dentist early this morning for root canal round 2, the gunk he put in my tooth on the last visit to kill the nerve worked as I could not feel him drilling it out. Then he found the third nerve which was very much alive so the dentist filled my tooth with gunk again and I have to go back in about 4 weeks to have the third nerve removed.

Yesterday there was no riding, as forecast it rained and the wind blew. I spent yesterday morning servicing my DMR V8 pedal from the Cannondale. I had to stand the bike in the rain to remove the pedals as there no room to put the bike on the floor in the shed (bike normally hangs on the wall). I had intended to set the new chain up on the bike (actually measure the chain to ensure it is the correct length. But with the bike dripping wet from standing in the rain I was told in no uncertain terms the bike was not allowed into the kitchen, so that a job for one night in the week. I spent yesterday afternoon editing a bit of video I took with my Muvi Digital Camera. Editing the film was easy, trying to get the film into a format I wanted was a pain in the arse but I got it sorted in the end.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to upload it last night and as I had intended to post it in my blog I never got to write this blog. So I started the upload this evening when I got back from Slimming World, well at least I though I had. Checked the PC 40 minute later 0% uploaded, seem like the upload process fell over before it started. So I restarted it and it is going quite slowly and has another 45 minutes to go as I type so it has missed tonight blog post, ho hum.

When I got up this morning and lifted the blind over the window I realised that the car had not moved off the drive since Friday night, don’t ask me why it came to me at that moment as I don’t have a clue. In fact I only went out the house on Sunday to go to the shed, when the daughter came in from work at 4 o’clock we had to unlock the front door for her as it was still locked from where she had locked it when she left for work at 8 o’clock yesterday morning.

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on the seventh day you shall rest

Well not to much rest but certainly give my knee a rest, I tweaked a muscle in the back of my knee during last weeks ride and yesterday I felt in pulling after about 6 miles. Well this morning I felt it as I tried to get out of bed. After hobbling downstairs I decided that riding today was not a good idea especially as I have a ride to do next week (more later).

So the day was spent cleaning and prepping the Whyte ready for next weekend oh and guess what I found when I got the bike out the shed this morning, another flat front tyre!! It was a very small leak which took several attempts to find, checked the tyre but did not find anything poking through. Think it might be time to invest in some of those self sealing slime filled inner tubes like these. I have also added a reminder to the calendar to give the bike a once over Friday night as I don’t want another Saturday morning like yesterday again in a hurry.

The ride I am doing is an easy ride (allegedly) on the Ridgeway in Swindon or starting at Burberry Castle to be exact. It is being organised by MBS (mountain biking in Swindon), more details can be found here. So that why I decided not to ride this morning to rest my knee ready for next weekend.

As well as bike prepping this morning I have been PC building for a friend of ours this afternoon. She needed a PC for her daughter as there were nightly confrontation in her house over who was going to use the PC (Facebook Vs homework). So out of the old dead boxes I had lying around I have managed to build another PC for her so at least there will be some piece in there house hold.

It is weigh in night tomorrow, it has been reasonable week so far, so I am hopeful. Unfortunately I have the dentist as well tomorrow for a bit of root canal work, should be interesting as I don’t do injections………………………….

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