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What started as a dull ache on Sunday afternoon has turned into a full blown gum bulging toothache today. I will be glad when I climb into the dentist chair tomorrow so he can have a look to see what is causing the problem. I am not expecting a lot, probably a course of anti biotic’s to kill the now throbbing infection I have in the gum\under the tooth. Then a return visit to resolve the issue.

Thankfully I have never had a toothache before and after this one I don’t want another one. When it started on Sunday I was prepared to ignore it hoping it would go away, but then I had this vision of it returning on Christmas eve, by Monday morning, with the growing pain I was convinced to arrange for the dentist check it out. It would not be so bad had it not been for the fact that I had a check up last Thursday.

Well last night weigh in was a non event as I never went, a throbbing tooth has a lot to answer to. I had planned to go for a ride tonight but again the dreaded tooth has stopped me. I am currently sat here falling a sleep from the combination of tablets I am taking, if you could shake me I would probably rattle.

Had a bad daddy moment earlier today, I was working from home today, here is what happened

3:45pm the phone rings

me: hello

caller: hello is that Mr Henley

me: yes

caller: It’s Kingsley Primary School here, your son is waiting to be collected…………

me: OH SH*T!

I was supposed to collect him from school at 3:15 and I had completely forgotten. Ten minutes later I am collecting a rather grumpy son from school, apparently I owe him now……..

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