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I have had better days

One of the reason I stopped writing regular blogs was the fact that I seldom never felt I had good things to write about, I had hoped that taking a break life would sort itself out and I could start being cheery again………………………………how wrong I was. It really is surprising that one day can turn your life upside down.

In the course of 4 days I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the wife was cleared to return to work (after shoulder OP) had a DVT scare and was diagnosed with Pleurisy and an over active Thyroid, the DVT proved to be negative. That is four day I would prefer not to have to go through again.

I am slowly getting my head around Type 2 Diabetes, I am ok with most of it except the food (no surprise there then).

I recently purchased a turbo trainer so I can try and do some riding to get me legs back into some form of working order. Now that seems even more important with my diabetes diagnosis. Soon as I get rid of the throat infection I will get back on the bike, nearly three week old this infection, about time it was gone.


I’m still alive

Back to the docs to day for my blood test results, everything is OK, no sign of the liver problems, no sign of diabetes and my cholesterol is OK, so a pretty clean bill of health. The doctor was impressed with my weight loss to date, so I took the opportunity to ask her about my yo-yo weight loss, her reply confirmed what you lot have been telling me, as long as the trend is downwards stop worrying about it. She went on to further explain that in her experience larger, heavier peoples weight loss does yo-yo a lot during a diet compared to somebody who is only a few pounds overweight. So I can sleep easy tonight……………………..I doubt it!

I also asked her about energy drinks\foods and the like for when I am on longer rides, her reply surprised me although thinking about it it does make sense. For me she does not recommend me having any of those energy drinks\foods while I am riding as that will defeat the point of riding (the exercise) as I need the exercise to convert fat into energy rather than taking the energy drinks\foods on-board while I am riding, as that way I don’t actually get to convert any of my fat (thus not losing weight). It was suggested that I take a banana, but I told her I hate them so she recommend a jam sandwich or a cereal bar and plenty of water for hydration. So over the coming months I will monitor it and see how it goes.

Hopefully out tomorrow morning although it my be on the F2 as I have yet to looked at the gears on the Whyte

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