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same old, same old

Anybody who reads this blog often enough will know that if I have not written anything for a while then things have not gone to plan.

Lets start with Slimming World, my first weight-in, I was livid, I gained weight. I had eaten sensibly, I had eaten all the right stuff, I felt gutted. In fact I never bothered staying I just picked my coat up, put my trainers back on and headed for the van to drive home. I really hate those times when you make the effort to loose weight you eat properly and you gain instead of loose. I know it is pay back you those time when you eat badly and still loose, but still. This weeks weight-in was a loss but I was not impressed because it did not surpass what I gained the previous week.

I mentioned in my last post that my knee problems had flared up again, well after the tablet started to take affect and the pain subsiding, suddenly Saturday morning it flared all up again, so I put my old knee support on. It has been about 6 or more years since I last worn it. It is a very good support but wearing it 18 hours a day it is uncomfortable but it did its job, and the pain subsided (with the helps of some pills). I have not worn the brace today (first time in 7 days) and my knee seems to be holding up, still have another 2 weeks of inflammations pills to go yet. With my knee playing up I have not been on the bike, hoping to throw my leg over the crossbar next weekend knee\weather\life permitting.

The decorating is slowly moving forward, just about at a point where paint can go on the walls and ceiling now. I used to enjoy decorating, the excitement of planning the new decor buying the paints etc. and then transforming the room, used to love it. Now it just seems to be one sodding problem after another. Anyway need to be ready for painting by bedtime tomorrow so that I can put a coat of paint on the walls or ceiling each night next week so that we can be somewhere near finishing.

Finally a bit of music, a Bit of Pendulum

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and so the end is near……….

No they are not the words from My Way sung by big Frank (and many other) close but no cigar as they say.

Things have looked up a little since my last post, I have managed to sale my camera gear which I have had up for sale  for about 18 months but never really pushing the point of selling the gear. I decided that it was just sat there doing nothing other than going down in value so I decided to take a hit on the price I wanted and let it go. I just hated seeing it sat there no being used. The money will certainly help Christmas along and my hardtail bike (the Cannondale) will benefit from a new drive train components.

Feeling sorry for myself on Friday after being informed by a friend he had won a prize in a competition (a decent one at that) I hoped that looking through my old e-mails would reveal an e-mail I had missed informing I had won something, I even looked in the spam folder and to my surprise there was an e-mail in my spam folder telling I had won a prize!! It was one of those online advent calendar type competition, the e-mail had been send out on the 15th and I only found it on the 20th. I won a JD Bug scooter, one of those aluminium things you see the kids scooting around on. My son was most impressed as it meant he got an early Christmas present.

I have only been out for a ride the once since my last blog, I did a short Throop loop just for the mileage count, it was nothing exciting. Felt fairly wiped out when I had finished. I fitted two new mud tyre to the bike (Michelin Country Mud) when I got back, they  are very cheap at £8.99 per tyre which is cheaper than they were 2 years ago when they were £10 per tyre. Although cheap they are a very good mud tyre.

Been giving the comments I made in my last blog about weight issues a lot of thought, if nothing else the knee pain I am now suffering should be enough to encourage me to get my weight issues sorted, or at least you would think it should. My intention at this time is to enjoy Christmas and new year, not go mad with food or drink  (not that I do with drink, last alcohol I had was the end of August) and from the 2nd January start to get it sorted. Sound easy doesn’t it, only time will tell.

I watched a program that I had recorded which was on BBC 4 about the Slade (glam rock band), it is only as they go through all the songs they recorded that you remember all the songs you had forgotten all about. With it being so close to Christmas it would be to easy to put a “Merry Christmas Everybody” video up, I am pretty sure you have probably heard it enough while you have been out shopping. So I am not going to go down that route, instead here is one of my favourites. The video is old and grainy but if you are off that age, play the video and close your eyes and I bet you will start thinking of things you were doing as a teenager………

Merry Christmas one and all


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It is cold out there

While it is true it is cold out, the title of this post bear no significance to this post, just could not think of a better title.

I am currently on a weeks holiday but thing have conspired against me to stop me from going out riding, Friday it was raining, Saturday shopping and other commitments, Yesterday was wet and windy although I did mange to wash the van which has led to this morning excuse, I have pulled something in my calf.

I have been plagued by problems with my calf for years, it is like a pulled of torn muscle but only lasts a couple of days. When I used to do kite flying I would frequently get it but I never knew what caused it, then when I started mountain bike riding I found that I would get it on long rides or in very hot sweaty weather. I put it down to dehydration leading to cramps in the calf which I have recently started to get sorted while riding (or at least I believe I have). But yesterday I was just walking around the van while washing it when I started to get  that familiar feeling in my left calf and then ouch, I felt that pull in my muscle and then the pain with every step.

With bright blue skies (if a bit cold) I was hoping to go out for a ride this morning but then as I walked upstairs my calf muscle reminded me that it was still there, so now I won’t be doing any riding today.

A couple of years ago I started reading a blog (it is no longer available to read) by Clive Chapman and like me he was an overweight guy fighting to get back down to a more reasonable weight (which he succeeded in doing). Clive had this thought that being overweight was an illness like addiction (like drugs addiction). Why would a normal sensible person eat certain food or quantities of food that they knew in the long term was going to be harmful for their body and possibly even kill them in the long term. It is a question I have been asking myself all this year.

I am a stress eater, when the pressure builds it is the fridge, cupboard or shop I turn to. I know if I eat that snack or cake or packet of biscuit (yes the whole packet) it won’t be good for me, but does it stop me? No, I just carry on eating. With the year I have had my weight has shot back up, I cant say to what as I don’t know. Only when I was at Slimming world did I ever weigh myself, at all other times my weight was measured by my trouser waist size and now it is back to where it was when I first started going to slimming world a several years ago. The obvious thing would be to go back to slimming world, well I am going to. The wife started back a few weeks ago but I decided that I would start back after Christmas. I was hoping that the wife being back at Slimming World would rub off on me. Well lets just say she is not doing so well at the moment which I means I am not either.  Add my weight issues with my lack of riding and I have gone back at least three years which is not good.

The point is it hurts (physically and mentally) being overweight yet I just don’t seem to have the will power to change it. I have set myself targets, I have set all sorts of things but it does not matter, you would of thought that improving and prolonging your life would be a big enough reason, but apparently it is not. Now this all lead back to Clive’s thought that being overweight is like an addiction, you just can’t stop but know you have to.

My mind is telling me to take it easy over Christmas and that I should go back to Slimming World in the new year, what will actually happens?……………………………………………..well I don’t know we will have to wait and see



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a trouble free ride………well almost

Went out riding early this morning (well it was for me on a Sunday) and did my normal loop down by the river and out past the airport and returning back along the river. But this time as I went through into Hurn Forest I did my normal run through the tree and then instead of continuing up the gravel track I headed back towards the car park and then up in to the tree on the other side of the path and out along the fence and then returning to the main gravel path near the top of the first section gravel track. This little extra loop added 1.8 miles to the ride which gave me a 22.8 mile ride this morning and I felt quite good when I got back. I was a little concerned that heading back into the wind but I did not struggle any more than I normally do.

My only trouble on the ride was the gps, it refused to track the route I was doing, on a ride like today’s where I know the route I use it to record the distance just encase, like today I added a little extra loop into the ride. I am not sure what the problem is but I will have to investigate.

I think I have had a fairly good week this week diet wise, don’t think it is as good as last weeks but with two good rides and the possibility of going out riding again tomorrow morning before work thing are looking good. In fact they are already looking very good as I managed to fit in to two pairs of shorts today, one pair I have not worn for 2 maybe 3 years because they were to small (or should that be I was to large??) and the other pair were brand new never worn I bought them some 3 years ago and they have never fitted me. I have a wardrobe full of clothes I have bought and have never fitted, so I might end up with a whole new wardrobe this year albeit about three years behind current fashion……….

One reason for my early morning trip was so I could get back in time to watch the Formula One. I used to watch it religiously but over the years my interest has waned, it just became boring. I thought maybe this year with more teams and no re fuelling during the race it would be more interesting. But to be honest I feel the jury is still out on that one, will have to see how it goes over the next couple of races.

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chinese puzzle

So there I was with my new IT toy trying to work how to get it to work, to configure it I had to logon to the device using the IP address that it had been given when it was configured, but it not been configured yet because I had not logged on to it as it did not have an IP address………… and so my brain ran round in circles for several minute. In the end the answer was fairly simple, plug the device in to the network which would give it an IP address automaticly, get that IP address and then use it to logon to the device, simple when you stop trying to make everything complicated. How many time do you hear people and even business say they are going back to basics because they have made a simple task more complicated than it needed to be.

That is exactly like my diet, eat sensibly and I won’t have a problem, start eating all the wrong thing and that is where the problems start. Last week I did a food diary to keep a record of what I ate, doing a food diary helps keep me on the straight and narrow with my eating. The result was a 3.5lb loss tonight, I am happy with that even more so when you consider that included having a Indian meal, cheese on toast and several large cookies (big ones, not the small Maryland type) during the week. So it is not like I am starving myself or on a rabbit food diet. I am going to do another diary this week to keep the good work going and then move on from there.

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