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reality hurts

Last night we went to see Mark Knopfler in concert (more on the concert later) and to be honest I had not thought about who would be going to the show. When we arrived at the concert venue I was surprised to see so many people in the 50+ age bracket, at first I thought they must have been another show at the same venue they were attending. It was only while we were waiting in the foyer that I realised that Mark Knopfler hit the big time with his band Dire Straits back in 1977, some 33 years ago. I was 18 when Sultans of Swing made it way into the charts in the UK and so it seem so was everybody else who were in the audience tonight. I was not looking at a bunch of misplaced over 50, I was looking at myself…………….!! To be fair there were a few younger people in the audience but 85% were over 50.

Having got over the reality of my age I settled into my (very uncomfortable) seat which had a good clear view of the stage. I had an aisle seat which gave me the chance to stick my legs out into the aisle My bum had gone numb before Mark and the band made it on the stage.

My wife had won the tickets to the Mark Knopfler 2010 Get Lucky Tour on a local radio station competition and the couple sat next to us had also won their tickets in the same competition. My wife spent the time (till mark came on stage) comparing competition prizes she had won from the radio station with the other couple who seemed to have won an equal amount of prizes from the radio station as well.

While I have been to see a few people in concert I am not one of those that wants to pay through the nose to go to some of the big stadium venue to just be a number in a **,000 audience and where the star(s) of the show are little figures on the horizon, so I had never seen Dire Straits or Mark in concert before. The show was a sale out from what I could see.

Soon the light went down and that distinct guitar sound that Mark Knopfler has was coming from the banks of speakers at the of stage. A mix of Dire Straits and Marks songs ended with a standing ovation for Telegraph Road which finished the main set, unlike other bands Mark or the band did not leave the stage, they stood there taking a well earned drink and accepting the applause of the audience. After a few minutes they played a 3 song encore before they left the stage to another standing ovation. Despite the the audiences age of 50+ there was whistling, screaming, clapping and foot stamping to encourage the band back on stage for more but hopes were dashed when the hall lights came back on.

It ranks as the best concert I have been to and confirms to me that Mark Knopfler is one of the greatest guitarist in the world.

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