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today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!

That is so true, you can spend all day worrying about tomorrow, that before you know it tomorrow has arrived and you have to face up to what you were\are worrying about.

In my case “my tomorrow” is a couple of months away, yet the time will no doubt fly by. I have no control over what is going to happen, I only have control over preparing for when it does happen. It is sometime very difficult to remember that and it is not helped by the fact that some of the preparation can be a bit unpalatable but has to be done. It is also not helped by the fact that it is the season of goodwill when everybody is supposed to be happy. Well I am trying to be but it is not easy.

Yes I am being cryptic about what is going on suffice to say I tell you when I have it settled in my mind…….

While I am having a moan, Things I hate about other drivers………………, the driver that slowly overtakes you on a dual carriageway and then cuts back in front of you narrowly missing your front bumper and then brakes, why overtake me if you are going to slow down? I have had this happen to me twice in the last three days.

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it is nearly friday

It has been one of those weeks you would rather forget, but hey ho these things are sent to try us. Work has been a pain, those five minutes jobs taking 2.5hrs, testing a new mass e-mail setting which resulted in an e-mail going to 100 people (which I wanted, all internal at work) and then when one person replied to me, everybody else got the reply as well (which I did not want), then all those users started to e-mail me asking what was going on and so everybody else got there question, it was down hill from here. I then followed this up by deleting my own e-mail account by mistake trying to sort out a minor bug. Unfortunately it was not peaceful with no e-mails, now I had lots of phone calls asking me why was the e-mail somebody had just sent me, bouncing back??

I followed the hassle of the e-mail by having computetr power supply blow up when my face was about 6″ from the power supply fan. Big flashy sparks and a loud bang, scared the c**p out of myself. Getting home from work on Wednesday was a nightmare, got stuck behind a horse box then a Sainsbury lorry and then the dual carriageway was down to one lane due a broken down lorry. By this time I was into the heart of the rush hour, oh the joy.

To cap it off, the wife was told that her services at work were now surplus to requirement and was no longer required. I can only hope that I get some good luck over the weekend, even better if it happens Friday night and my numbers come up…………….yeah like that is going to happen.

Weather looks good for the weekend so hopefully will be out for two good rides over the weekend, not sure exactly where yet but I will be out.

Here is a video from the New Forest ride at the weekend, if you are quick you will see me in the first batch that ride off from the start (guy giving instruction about the arrows, I am right at the back with a blue jumper) or a couple of seconds later you see my GPS unit on my handle bars.

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it never rains……..

So I had a couple of busy days at worked booked with a system upgrade, so what would make the day more difficult? let see, a hard disk in a server die, a PC completely die in the middle of a virus removal or maybe a UPS failing at a remote site during a power cut shutting down 6 server and two network storage devices? Not sure? how about all of them before mid day and I still had to go ahead with the planned system upgrade!! The day does not get much worse but thankfully the system upgrade went well, a new hard disk is on the way for the server, the PC is off to the repair shop later in the week and the UPS is on my list of very urgent jobs.

I must admit I was not a happy bunny when I got to work this morning, traffic was horrendous this morning on the M3, it was more like a car park at 6:30am. Then a bit further on in my drive, I came across 2 lorries, 1 mobile crane and 3 sets of road works on a 25 mile section of single carriage way road with very few overtaking points, it just does not make for an enjoyable drive. The best bit is I get to drive the same route again tomorrow, oh the joy!

It was weigh in night on Monday and I was not impressed, there was me thinking I had had a good week and looking at a nice weight loss only to find I had gained half a pound, I was not a happy bunny, despondent more like!! The only thing we can think off was it was due to all the cycling I had done the previous week (muscle gain, as muscle is heavier than fat).

I’m off to bed, contemplating hibernation as an alternative to work and diet at the moment!

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