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back to normal tomorrow

Spent the past week switching the alarm clock off when it has burst into live (normally 6 Live radio) but tomorrow I need to remember to get up or at least think about getting up, holiday is over, it is back to work and I am not looking forward to it.

With my wrist is still painful so I decided not to go for a ride this morning. The Ibuprofen I have been taking seems to have taken affect and the pain is not to bad at the moment, hopefully I will be able get out mid week on a night ride so I can test my new light out.

Went out for a walk yesterday afternoon, decided to check out a bit of forest I don’t normally ride round, turned out to be a bit shorter than I expected a, but I may well give it a try at some stage. While I was I remembered that a while ago I promised to post more photogrpahs so here are a couple of photo’s of one of the paths I ride in Hurn forest

hurn forest track
Just after the gulley drop

hurn forest track
next section along which becomes a large mud pool as the winter progresses

The land on the right of the track (you can just make out the fence post in the first photo) is MOD land and I noticed yesterday new signs had popped up stating that it was tick infested, apparently you have to wear bright coloured clothing and tuck your trousers into your socks!!

Today we went for a walk round the local park, nothing exciting apart from the narrow gauge railway that runs around the duck lake, they had two trains running one of which was a steam train

The other train was a diesel engine job which is probably older than the real train it is modelled on.

Now call me cynical but if you place sign up all around the park requesting that you don’t feed the Canada Geese, why was duck feed being sold at the railway station?? It is not as though you can selectively feed the ducks and not the geese. As soon as the birds spot you have food, you are under siege, those geese don’t care what they peck if you have food in your hands. Trust my I have seen parent pick up their scream terrified kids and run from the throng of geese, ducks, pigeons and seagull, not a happy experience for kids.

This grumpy duck (I think it is a Muscovy Duck) was not interested is chasing food, it just sat there under a bush trying to sleep until somebody came along and pointed a camera at it

Grumpy Duck

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is gardening any good for weight loss??

As forecasted, it rained relentlessly on Saturday. My intention of staying in bed all day went out the window because I was required to be the family taxi driver. Had to drive the wife into town early and then sit there watching the rain fall as we had arrived early and there was no where for her to wait.

OK so I will have a lie in on Sunday, did not go to bed till nearly 1:00am, that should make me sleep and it did, until 7:20am when I woke up, completely wide awake, I got up at 8:00am. At least today it was nice, sunny and warm.

On Friday night, in the vain hope that I might just ride this weekend I decided to fix the puncture I found on Tuesday morning. That was easy enough, as I was about to put the wheel back on the bike I noticed, well felt, that the front wheel was not spinning smoothly, a quick loosening of the axle indicated orange grease…………that orange rusty coloured grease. I picked up some grease on Saturday but due to one thing and another I did not do the hub bearings until Sunday morning. Unfortunately once I had cleaned, greased and reassembled the hub it did not feel much better than when I took it apart, will have to keep an eye on that. The only riding I did was a couple of short runs up and down the pavement just to make sure things felt alright on the bike. I think had I done a short ride to day I may not have been to bad, my cold seem to be going but then I thought that around Thursday but it still here.

I have now got a pair of tyres for the sponsored ride at the end of April, got a second hand pair of Continental Sport Contact. these have hardly been worn so should serve me well for the one ride.

I decided to make the most of my enforced lay off and the good weather this morning to do a little gardening. There were a couple of large bushes that were slowly encroaching on to the drive so it was about time for a short back and sides for them. Spent an hours cutting them down to size and a further hour clearing up the mess. We could not go anywhere as I was waiting for the above mentioned tyres to be dropped off so at least I put the time to good use.

We had been promising the son that we would take him to Throop Mill to feed the ducks for a few weeks, so having an hour to spare once the tyres had been dropped off this afternoon we thought it was a good time to feed the ducks. Now for the past couple of months I have cycled past this mill on my Sunday morning ride there has been loads of ducks there. We got there late afternoon and it looked more like a duck feeding massacre had taken place. There were more pieces of bread floating on the water and laying of the bank side than there were ducks, even the seagulls were not interested. I can’t remember the last time we threw the bread in the bin on the way back to the car. We past a dad with his young son on the way to feed the ducks, I did not have the heart to tell him the ducks were not interested.
British heart foundation banner

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