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3 days and counting

Well that how many days were left till the end of the year when I started writing this post, not sure when I am going to finish it so the day count maybe slightly different.

I guess there is little point in doing a quick retrospective of the year cycling, not enough riding must try harder sum up this subjects end of year report. I pretty much think the dieting report reads even worse, never really tried must start trying. Hopefully both of these are in hand for 2013, I have a plan, just need to carry it out and stick with it.

Even this blog has had problems this year with very infrequent posting, when life got rough there was nothing positive to write about and I just lacked the enthuiasism to do it.

There is no denying life has been tough this year for numerous reason, hopefully some of those reason have been sorted and things will start to improve through 2013, I certainly hope so, don’t really want to live another year like that one. Life is like a giant jig-saw, all the pieces are there, you just have to put them together properly without the use’s of a picture to refer back to.

Saying that I have already booked up for a cycle ride for 2013, noticed Sky were doing one of their Sky Rides in the New Forest (12th Jan) so signed my son and myself up for it. To be honest I have done it more for him than me, it is only 7 .5 miles but it will be something different for him and makes me throw a leg over my bike as well, so it has got to be a good thing.

The seeds for 2013 have pretty much been planted now, I just have to tend and look after them properly and 2013 could be the year I want, only time will tell.

Finally my last video for 2012 is the distinctly different type of song and possibly my favorite for 2012, Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

I wish you all a Happy New Year , see you all in 2013