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on the seventh day you shall rest

Well not to much rest but certainly give my knee a rest, I tweaked a muscle in the back of my knee during last weeks ride and yesterday I felt in pulling after about 6 miles. Well this morning I felt it as I tried to get out of bed. After hobbling downstairs I decided that riding today was not a good idea especially as I have a ride to do next week (more later).

So the day was spent cleaning and prepping the Whyte ready for next weekend oh and guess what I found when I got the bike out the shed this morning, another flat front tyre!! It was a very small leak which took several attempts to find, checked the tyre but did not find anything poking through. Think it might be time to invest in some of those self sealing slime filled inner tubes like these. I have also added a reminder to the calendar to give the bike a once over Friday night as I don’t want another Saturday morning like yesterday again in a hurry.

The ride I am doing is an easy ride (allegedly) on the Ridgeway in Swindon or starting at Burberry Castle to be exact. It is being organised by MBS (mountain biking in Swindon), more details can be found here. So that why I decided not to ride this morning to rest my knee ready for next weekend.

As well as bike prepping this morning I have been PC building for a friend of ours this afternoon. She needed a PC for her daughter as there were nightly confrontation in her house over who was going to use the PC (Facebook Vs homework). So out of the old dead boxes I had lying around I have managed to build another PC for her so at least there will be some piece in there house hold.

It is weigh in night tomorrow, it has been reasonable week so far, so I am hopeful. Unfortunately I have the dentist as well tomorrow for a bit of root canal work, should be interesting as I don’t do injections………………………….

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bloody flint

You may remember I mentioned that I collected two punctures on my last ride due to little slither of flint. Well I got the wife’s bike out last night to replace her chain and that also had a flat front tyre. Turned out that was a small slither of flint as well. So that was four punctures to sort out (one from an earlier ride). Well I did two last night after working on the wife’s bike, one was a right mare to find, eventually found it and repaired it. I put the wheel back on the bike and left the other two for tonight. Came down this morning and the wife’s bike has a flat front again so further investigation work to be done on that tube (yes I did check the tyre, that how I found the flint slither sticking through the tyre).

I never got chance to have a spin round the block last night on the new saddle on my bike to see how it feels and see how my knee feels as it was raining, so will have to see how it goes on Saturday. With all these punctures from last weekend I am not sure riding at the same location again this weekend is a good idea or not?

My sister dropped off her PC for me to look at last night, so what with helping my son with is homework (model of the solar system!!), PC to repair, punctures to fix and no doubt the bikes to clean and wash after the two weekend rides (one will be muddy), I also need to get a passport photo for a driving licence I am not going to have a quiet weekend.

Anyway I suppose I had better start work otherwise I won’t be able to stop work and start the weekend.

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