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Lovely blue sky

It might have been minus 7 this morning but it was a lovely sunny day. I decided to let the day warm up a little before venturing out on the bike this morning so I never left the house until 10am and the temperature was about minus 4. I wanted to see if I could retrace a ride I went on before Christmas with the local mtb club or more exactly one section of it which I had not ridden until that ride. I headed out over the heath and rode up my training hill, not so good this week as I stopped half way up but at least when I got to the top I was not a gasping wreck. Considering how cold it was I was comfortably warm wearing a long sleeved thermal base layer, another long sleeved base layer and then a long sleeved jumper on top, no jacket or coat, my normal Lycra jogging trousers, Altura thermal liner gloves with my Gore gloves over the top and apolar buff, snug as bug in a rug me.

Much of the heath was still frozen when I got there but as I got out towards Corfe Mullen where the sun could reach the ground was becoming muddy which made the riding interesting as it was difficult to tell what was frozen mud or soggy mud. Fortunately I avoided falling off the bike although I nearly went over the bars when missed a small ledge and took the option to go into a shallow stream. The water may have only been a couple of inches deep, the underlying mud was nigh on 12 inches deep and my front wheel went straight down and stopped dead.

Thank fully I found the route I was looking for so I have extended the area I can now ride and there is still a lot more to check out.

Compared to last week this week was particularly quiet, heating has behaved its self, there been no more overflowing pipes so all is good in fact I have even got the front door bell working, so all is good.

Hopefully out riding again tomorrow but that will depend on the freezing conditions and the forecast freezing rain, sounds like an interesting combination.

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