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get up and go got up and went…..

Last week I used the rain and the first ride back after my shoulder injury as an excuse just to ride on the Saturday, this weekend I just could not be arsed to ride Saturday, just did a little bit of tinkering on the bike and then put it away. So this morning I decided that I really should get up and ride so I dragged my sorry arse out of bed, had breakfast and left the house at 8:40 for my normal Sunday Throop loop.

While it was my normal Sunday route I had decided to check out a couple of new sections, the first was in Ramsdown forest. I had seen a path leading a way at the top of a short climb so I though I would try and find the bottom end of the path and see if it was a better\more interesting climb than the short climb I usually take. Unfortunately I could not find the start of the path so having cycled up the short climb I could not be bothered to go back the newly found path, so I left that for another day (maybe when I do the ride in reverse which I do from time time to relieve the boredom of doing the route in the same direction).

The next new bit was at the top end of Hurn Forest (part of the route when I go out to Moors Valley). When I leave Hurn Forest I turn left down an unmade road, looking at the map there seemed to be an option to turn right and head of into some more woodland. So I headed out that way this morning, turned right instead of the normal left and about 100mtrs from where I turned right I was met by a large sign saying “Private- Keep Out”. So I returned back down the unmade road deciding what to do and I opted to carry one like I was heading out toward Moors Valley but look for any access to the area I had seen on the map which was on my right. Once I got to the main road I turned right as normal, after about 200mtrs I found a gate that led onto Ashley Heath Country Park (not to be confused with Avon Heath Country park which is about 1 miles to the west). Must admit I never knew the place existed. Had a quick ride around having a little explore but I became weary of the weather as dark imposing clouds were gathering on the horizon. There is certainly more to explore here so I will be paying a return visit.

While I was working on the bike yesterday, I noticed that my bottle of chain lubricant was nearly empty again (second bottle of dry lubricant I have bought this year) and it got me thinking. I use either Finish Line wet or dry lubricant dependant on the season and for the most part I am happy with either product bar one thing, the cost.

Do you realise that buying it at £6.99 per 4fl oz bottle from CRC, it works out at £279.60 per gallon (see maths below)

160 fluids ounces to 1 imperial gallon
160 \ 4 = 40 (4oz bottles to the gallon)
40 x £6.99 = £279.60

That is a disgrace (I don’t purely blame CRC as many other retailers are selling at the same or more for the 4fl oz bottles). I know Finish Line do a 1 gallon container of the oil but I have not found a price for it although one guy did say that he picked up a gallon for £183.60 on special offer!!

So I posted on the MBR forum asking the questions what chain lubricants do other mountain bikers use, several of the replies listed chainsaw oil, so I will be looking at getting some of this and see how thing progress. At the end of the day, it can’t be any more expensive than buying the Finishline products. Be interested to hear what other use and there relevant costs.

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