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I hear you knocking….

….but you can’t come in

That is what my blog has been saying to me for the past 36 hours. Seem as though there was some file corruption in the section that controls the logins etc. After some help from the guys at WordPress Support I have been able to get access to my blog again. What I like most about this is that the WordPress software that this web site\blog is built on is free, the Theme I uploaded a couple of weeks ago is free and the support I have had over the past 36 hours has been free, that my friends is the joy of Open Source Software or OSS for short. The company I work for have just invested in a web site which has CMS (Content Management System, well technically it is WCM but I am not going into that here), which is what WordPress is, well suffice to say my solution is a hell of a lot cheaper than theirs is.

Apart from Monday night success (I lost another 3lb) there has not been a lot to write about this week which under the circumstances is just as well. No ride yesterday as it was raining and I had to get the shed cleared out so I could get all the bikes in the shed. Five hours later the shed had been cleared with enough space to park all the bikes in the shed and be able to get them out again without to much of a problem.

Went out for my customary Sunday morning Throop Loop, another two and three quarters ride time. Met Mr Grumpy on my way back along the river complaining about Mountain Bikes on the path, well I never heard him complain about the dogs that run around which are not under the owners control, causing havoc and a danger to walkers, runners and cyclists alike, leaving their deposits all over the path for other to enjoys……..NOT! Maybe Mr Grumpy should stop being a miserable old git and start enjoying the scenery.

Saw my first KingFisher today, it was only a common Kingfisher, a couple of weeks ago in the same area I saw a guy land a large 18lb-ish Pike. If had not taken up cycling I may never had seen any of this. I have seen a host of wildlife since I have started riding, ridden area that I never knew existed and I feel a lot better for all this.

Have a busy week coming up, my car is into the body shop tomorrow, I am all over the place on Tuesday, Thursday night we are going to the evening events for the Bournemouth Air Show, Saturday I am off to the wilds of Hampshire (better known as Liphook) for a cycle ride and then on Sunday were back to Bournemouth beach to see the Air Show. Better not forgets tomorrow nights weigh in and food tasting session at Slimming World , better make sure I get weighed first before I start the food tasting!!

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