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Why are some people out to stop other peoples fun?

Earlier this week my son (Ryan) got a new mountain bike, a proper 26″ wheeled bike. He had simply outgrown his old 20″ wheeled bike so it was time to put him on a proper bike. I was confronted with an extremely large box on my return home on Tuesday evening and an excited 11 year old once he saw the box. Setting the bike up was pretty straight forward and about 30 minutes later Ryan was taking the bike for its maiden ride along the pavement outside our house, a few wobbles but nothing un-towards. Then the bike was put away with the promise of a family ride on Saturday.

On Friday night the wife pulled out with a painful thigh muscles, I decide to change the venue as the local park area was in the open and with the forecasted sunshine I decide that a wooded area like Hurn forest with shade areas would be a cooler option.

Saturday dawned grey, dark grey in fact, it was closer to black storm clouds. I thought at one stage we were going to have to call the ride off as it looked like it was going to pour down. Eventually the dark grey clouds turned to overcast type clouds so we loaded up and headed for the woods.

Hurn Forest was quiet and humid with little breeze, we set off up the main gravel path so Ryan could get used to the feel of the bike. After about a mile we stopped and then I got him to ride round slowly in small circle to get him used to handling the bike. We then set off down one of the paths to do a small loop. We only saw one person walking their dog on a wide path, who we gave plenty of space to but the look on her face said she was not impressed. We carried on round our little route and eventually returned to the spot where we started. By the time we got back the women we past earlier was walking up towards us, as she past us she turned and told us that we are not allowed to cycle down those paths pointing to the one she had just walked up and we had ridden down. Well sorry that not I was told by a Forest ranger said I, “oh that not what I was told, it must have changed” and off she went. Why the hell does she feel the need to impose her will on other? does she not like others enjoying the great outside, a young lad out in the open enjoying himself, and not loitering on street corners or gathering in groups at shopping precincts scaring and harassing the public?? This is the second time I have been told I can’t ride in a certain area by a member of the public when I have been told by Forest rangers I can. I know am getting older, I just hope I don’t turn as grumpy as these two.

Last Mondays family ride never happened in the end. We decided to have a wander around the New Forest instead. We ended up going to the Fordingbridge side of the forest and had a short walk with several large hills to climb and descent.

I went for a ride on Thursday night this week (now I seem to be riding with the wife and\or Ryan on Saturdays I still want to have two long rides per week). I did a large loop, going a cross Canford Heath, out in to Delph Woods, then up the Castleman trail to the Willet Arms, down the road to the river and along the river bank to Canford school then back in to Canford Heath and then head for home. Not sure what the distance was but I guess it was about 12 to 14 miles.

Out again tomorrow for my third ride of the week, probably going on the long Throop Loop, still looking for the elusive path from the Castleman trail to the A31.

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