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Here we are again

Well as Saturday draws to an end and the first day of my holiday also draws to an end. Nothing special about today, shopping in the morning back for lunch and then a bit of window shopping in the afternoon. Went to a bike shop over in Swanage this afternoon Charlie the Bike Monger, the guy had moved to a new premises, I had been meaning to visit his shop so off we went. It was probably the best afternoon we have had all year so far, it was a nice little drive through the Purbeck countryside. We soon found a parking spot at the top of a steep hill and the shop nearly at the bottom of the steep hill. It is not your conventional type of bike shop which offer all the big names manufacturers, here you get the lesser known ones like Surly and Salsa amongst others. Never having been to the old shop I am not sure how much more had to be moved but there were some bargain bins to have a rummage through so that where I started. A while later and a few pound lighter I left the shop with two pairs of fingerless gloves, water bottle, pair handle bar grips and a t-shirt.

On the way home we paid a visit to a few other cycle shops where I added a few more bikes to the wanted list, not that I will get them all, but I am hoping to get a new one later in the year but certain things need to be right before I can.

Last weekend I got really annoyed with myself, I had intended to go for at least 2 rides out of the four days off over Easter weekend, I did none!! Simply put I just did not get my arse in gear. The closest I came to going for a ride was to get the bike out the shed, pump the tyres up (which I had noticed were a bit soft from a previous visit to the shed) and give the bike the once over. I can’t put my finger on it, half of me wanted to go for a ride and the other half said sod it, I know it sound stupid but I was not impressed.

Today I had intended to ride this afternoon after shopping duties, but my knee was twinging that bad while we were walking between shops this morning that I had to stop and rest my knee. After that I did not want to risk my knee but I am determined to go out tomorrow, I have a short simple ride to test my knee. I have a another short ride with my son lined up for Monday and I have agreed to ride at Swinley forest on Wednesday, so kill or cure as you might say. I also have a charity ride to get ready for on the 19th April so I need to get back on the bike sooner rather than later and to get that new bike I mentioned earlier, I really need to get back to riding again.

On the decorating front, all the painting has been done apart from a few spots of touch up and a bit on trunking to be fitted. The carpet is being fitted next Friday so maybe then life can return to normal.

While I am on holiday next week it is going to be a fairly busy week, Tuesday I have an X-Ray on my knee and my wife goes for an ultra sound scan on her bad shoulder, Wednesday I am going to Swinley forest while the wife goes shopping in Southampton, Thursday the wife has a MRI scan on her bad shoulder and then it home to finish clearing the lounge ready for the carpet layers on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will involve refurnishing the lounge. Think I will be ready for a holiday by the time I go back to work on Monday.

Ok so for a little music to finish with, the intro of this song is great when listen to on headphones, I could not find a official video for this song but hopefully you will like this one

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As I mentioned yesterday I have been on creak finding duties again. I have spent the day dismantling the back-end of my bike, from the crank back everything was removed, cleaned and refitted, I started just after the rugby finished (well done New Zealand) and finished at about 4pm after a ride up and down the road revealed no more creaking. I did not find anything definitive but I felt that the cassette was not as tight as it should of been (I did not have to put a lot of effort in to moving the locking nut) when I came to remove it from the rear wheel. I had not checked the cassette up until that point as I only refitted it a few weeks ago when I fitted a new one to replace the worn one. I always tighten cassette up with a torque wrench so if it was loose I am not sure why.

It never ceases to amaze me when I am working on my bike how many tools I end up using, this is all the more obvious when you come to put everything away. I don’t have a shed or garage to work in, so I work outside (thankfully the weather was good if a bit windy) so I have to put it all back in the shed when I am finished. Add to the list of tools all the other bits like rags, cleaning liquids, lubrication, bike stands the list is endless and it all has to go back in the shed.

I am a motorsport fan, I like watching 4 wheels and two wheel sport (3, 6 and 8 wheeled as well). But it has not been a good time for motorsport this past week. We lost Dan Wheldon in that big Indy car crash last weekend and we have lost Marco Smoncelli in the MotoGP this morning. They will both be deeply missed from there chosen sport. On a positive note Poole Pirates Speedway team won both the league and knock Out cup this year.

Well I am out of here, roll on Wednesday when I am on holiday……..

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I hate………..

…..return to work week, you know the first week back after a holiday. You have a lack of enthusiasm, you have a pile of work to catch up with because nobody has been doing your job while you have been away, you have your normal weeks work to do and on top of that you have to sort out problems for other departments because they don’t know how to them, oh the joy!!

Tomorrow will be my third day of working from home and I am starting to get cabin fever, Thursday I have to go out for work but fortunately it is not to far away and then on Friday I have the hospital apponitment and then I have a meeting near Southampton.

While my shoulder is getting better, I now have a fairly full range of movement of my right arm now without pain (until I try to either push, pull or carry anything) trying to sleep is a nightmare. The only position I can lie in without pain is on my back but I can’t sleep on my back. Lying on my left side is reasonably comfortable but the position I rest my right arm in soon become uncomfortable and I have to turn over. Well I would turn over if I could, I can’t lie on my right side as my shoulder is still to painful. I have tired lying in various new positions but they feel so alien I can’t get to sleep. Then when I do fall asleep I will turn over in my sleep and then wake up in pain as I turn on to my right side.

We won’t go into Monday nights weigh-in the weight loss went out the window which based on what I ate after Wednesday crash is hardly surprising, just got to try and keep the food intake sensible this week and hope I can get back on the bike Saturday.

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i was right

Last week was a bad week, 1.5lb weight gain, I can’t argue, I ate the chocolate and cake so I put the weight on, trying not to get to stressed this week then I won’t eat, it is not going well.

Every morning this week I have had an early morning call regarding a server problem, this mornings was the worst, I was 140 miles away and the system was down, I had only just arrived at our main office and I had to get back in my car and drive 100 miles back to the servers. The system was down for 3 hours, that sort of thing does not help the stress levels.

I have had the last of my anti biotic and my shin is feeling ok, a little itchy from time to time, so will keep an eye on it. I did ride on Sunday without no ill affects.

Roll on Friday night, I am on holiday for the half term week. Was going away but due to the wife’s lack of work we have decided to stay at home (she may be working next week). At least I won’t have to answer me phone.

The car has to go back in on Friday so they can do the bits they did not have the parts for last Friday plus the bits that I asked them to do and they said they did do them but they have not, just glad I don’t have to pay for the crap service.

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