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i’m eating the wrong stuff!

When I get stressed I eat and this past 5 days I have been eating the wrong foods (as far as a diet goes), bars of chocolate, sweets, really not looking forward to Monday night. Just have to try and behave (if only it was that easy) between now and Monday to soften the blow.

I went out for a ride this morning, went out and tried the new cycle trail at Moors Valley Country Park (you won’t find it listed on their web site yet or publicity sheets yet). According to the blurb on one of the boards displaying the forest maps it is a Blue level route of 4.5 miles, so it is not a taxing ride. I went round with my 10 year old son, so my first loop round was a slow one. In all it took us about an hours (I think the board said between an 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min) which allowed for several stops for drinks. There are no real hills as such just a couple of slopes that youngster may struggle with. The trail is made up by 95% narrow hard core compacted path, there are a couple of wide wooded board areas (north shore type) over boggy areas and a couple of section of riding along fire roads to join paths together, longest was about 60mtrs. Having returned him to mum in one piece, I left him quite happily telling mum she would like it and I set off to do the loop again but this time a little bit faster.

Now this is not quite as simple as it sound, because while the route is relatively flat they have built in some awkward little 90 degree corners (there no big berm areas like the bigger trail centres), riding between two trees just over handle bar width apart. Riding slowly behind my 10 year old son these are not a problem, but try them at speed it is another ball game. Then there are the small boulders that mark the path edge, while only small they are big enough to bash your pedal into them or clip your front wheel on one and throw you off the path in both cases (fortunately I avoided both) so it not as easy as it seems.

Unfortunately the path is already being used by dog walkers (plenty of evidence along the trail), walkers and runners so riding at speed had to be tempered with care. But all in all an enjoyable ride. I thought about doing a bit more riding but (with the doctors words from Tuesday still ringing in my ears) I decided to head for homes although I still intend to ride again tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I remembered why I hate going into town on a Saturday afternoon, the town centre is full of idiots, young one, old one and dumb arse one that just stop right in front of you. Thankfully I only had to go to one shop and then I could get the hell out of there. On the drive home we nearly had a run in with a BRAS (Boy Racer Arrogant Sod) driving an Audi (Audi is the new BMW don’t you know). BRAS and Audi driver seem to think that giving way on a roundabout to traffic approaching from their right is below them so just pull out in front of you expecting you to brake and avoid them, one day I won’t.

Well I am off to make some more home made soup, at least it is diet friendly……………

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