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busy week

A very busy week which did not get off to a good start on Monday, I was not in a good mood during the day, as my mother would say, “got out the bed on the wrong side this morning did we”. Things did not improve as we left to go to Slimming World. Then the scales could not conceal my troughing from the previous week, it was only half pound gain but still a half pound to much. For various reason things continued to go downhill during the evening and by the time I got home I was stewing nicely (or not as the case maybe).

Tuesday dawned and I was needed at head office to install the server which had been returned from repair, well I would of install it done had the carrier got there finger out and delivered as requested by 9am. Maybe being located 10 miles from the centre of Southampton is a different time zone which allows the carrier to deliver items an hour late. I got back home early afternoon to find the wife virtually dead on her feet with some bug which is doing the rounds so I pointed her in the direction of her bed where she stayed until 7:30am this morning.

Wednesday I had the afternoon off, my son had an appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan, everything went well. I thought he might of freaked out by the noise the scanner makes (he dislikes loud noises) but he was quite calm. Now we have to wait and see what the consultant say.

Not only was our son at the hospital today, it was the day we found out what secondary school he would be going to in September (like many other parents around the UK). We found out just before we went to the hospital, he got his second choice (which was out of the area), first choice being the grammar school which we think he did not pass the entrance exams (mind you it oversubscribed by 296).

Tomorrow, working in the morning and off in the afternoon for a funeral. It is being held in the same church we got married in. But before that the wife is going for a 2nd job interview with a company she had an interview with last week, it is down to a choice between her or another person. Really hoping it goes the wife way as that would certainly turn the light back-on at the end of the tunnel for us, it is getting a little dark and grim around here at the moment.

We had only been back from the hospital about 10 minutes this afternoon when the phone rang, the local community dental service having just realised our son had been referred to them some 14 months ago but had not had the appointment, so he is off to see them on Friday afternoon.

Finally, here the video I mention on Sunday, unfortunately I set the camera a little to high so there are a few skyward shots but you get a nice feel for weaving in and out of the trees.

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my wheel has fallen off

We are talking proverbial wheel here folks not one off my bike. I had intended to ride quite a bit over the Christmas break, well like last year it is not happening. Yesterday it was spent nursing the daughter, she had been feeling unwell for a couple of days and yesterday she woke up with a pain in her stomach and after much debate decided it was time to see the doctor, unfortunately doctor was only doing walk in surgery from 3pm till 5pm. Wife wanted a lift to go shopping so there went my riding for the day. Took the wife shopping then back home to collect daughter and and take her and wife to the doctors, only to be told there is at least 1.5hr wait as all three on call doctors were out on home visits, I decided not to wait with with our son and took him home and lbaby sit him till the wife returned. Daughter and wife came back home at around 5.30pm, daughter decides to eat as suggested by the doctor (she eaten very little in the last 36hrs). By 8pm she is making frequent use of the bathroom to be sick, so the wife called the out of hours doctors. They wanted to see her at the out or hours surgery at the local hospital.

All four of us left home at 9.45 (the wife as she was escorting the daughter, me as I was the driver and the son as he was to young to be left at home). We spent about 20 minutes in the out of hours surgery before they send us to A&E (which was next door), where because the out of hours doctor had not referred the daughter correctly she would have to wait to be seen like all the other walk in’s rather than being seen as a urgent case, the current wait was…………………………………..2.5hrs!!

A friend of the daughters turned up with her boyfriend to offer morale support, at least it kept our son entertained. A couple of minutes before 3am we arrived back home the daughter being told she probably had a urine infection. We all had a bit of a lie in this morning.

I was sat at the computer earlier this morning trying to get going and plan where I was going for a ride when my brother phoned, his laptop had died can I come and have a look at it. So it was in the cars and over to see him and his dead laptop. Unfortunately there was not a lot I could do, the power supply was working, the hard disk was working but there was no sign of live in the laptop so it look like it is a repair shop job.

Wife says she wants to go into town shopping again so I dropped them of at the bottom of town and headed for home intending to go out for a ride. By the time I got in and had some lunch it is three o’clock and all willingness to go for a ride left……………

Now add the lack of riding to the willingness to eat chocolate (and other non diet friendly foods), it is not going well. The good news is I have a ride targeted for tomorrow and Monday and will do my normal Saturday and Sunday rides. Hopefully those four rides will burn some of that chocolate away 😐

At the end of the day I am the one in control and I have let go of the controls, not happy

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