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idiots and pear-shaped

We will start with idiots on the road (and pavement), there is a side road I drive down in the morning and at the very end is a T junction (into another side road). I approach the junction on the upright part of the “T”. Car and vans park on the left hand side of the road right up to the broken double white lines indicating the give way marking on my side of the road, so as I stop at the junction I stop in the middle of the road, there are normally cars parked opposite the junction, so when I turn right I do so onto the on coming traffic side of the road. So why two days running does a car refuse to let me out only to try and turn to his left into the road I am coming out off but can’t as I am in the middle of the road and expects me to move but I can’t move as his car is now blocking my exit?

Idiot number 2, a cyclist who rode down a pavement because traffic had stopped moving (not a deal breaker but mentioned to give a broader picture of the idiot), rode in and out of stationary, slow moving traffic and on coming traffic, rode through 2 red lights on pedestrian crossing and a lollipop lady crossing. Is it any wonder cyclist get a bad name?

Idiot number 3, a motorcyclist who over took me and had to duck under the mirror on the van as he was that close to the van as he was riding into on coming traffic on a narrow road and then when he passed me immediately braked, why?? He then proceeded to ride off into oncoming traffic again. It he continues to ride like that there is every chance his genes will be removed from the gene pool.

Idiot number 4, a young school girl, stood on the corner of a road junction, about 5 mtrs from a zebra crossing. She had looked up the road towards me, I had seen her and assumed she was waiting for a friend. That was until she just stepped off the pavement in front of me, she did a very good job of ignoring me as I slammed on the brakes to avoid running her down. Another contender to have there genes removed from the gene pool.

Now for pear-shaped, I am once again the only wage earner as the wife’s temp contract has finished suddenly. Not what we wanted and not something we are in a position to handle at this time. It is looking a bit grim at the moment.

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