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5 days and counting, but it is in retreat

This cold has been a pig, Friday night it kicked in with a vengeance, laid me low all weekend, but I am left feeling a little better today (certainly better than the weekend). Unusually for me I took some medication in the form of Day and Night Nurse capsule, certainly stopped the worst of my nose and I got a couple of good nights sleeps after Friday nights restlessness. Hopefully it will be cleared up enough by the weekend and I can get out on the bike again.

Back on the 31st December I mentioned the ride (or should that be slide) around Badbury Rings and one particularly narrow section that had been cleared back but still only had a narrow trail down the middle of it. Well I found a picture of the path I took earlier last year.

Narrow trail
wide lane narrow trail

As you can see it is a very narrow trail down the centre of the path, as it is only April it is not that overgrown yet, but it gets to the point in the summer where you can’t see the path for the long grass and you have to duck to avoid the overhanging thorny bushes.

The wife went to her interviews to day, she seemed positive about both but it is now down to the waiting game. She is off to another agency tomorrow to see about the possibility of another couple of jobs, still crossing my anatomy.

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colds, life and yuk

Well I still have the throat infection I had last week, Wednesday\Thursday I thought it was getting better, Friday\Saturday I was ready to rip my own throat out it was that uncomfortable. I felt good enough on Thursday night to go for a bike ride, I would of gone Wednesday night but it rained. My normal Saturday morning ride never happened, neither the wife (she gave me the throat infection) or myself felt up to riding so we gave it a miss. Felt better this morning so went out and rode a 23 mile loop. Going to try and do a couple more evening rides this week, just need to make sure I am home early enough and the throat infection buggers off.

Life is still dealing me a rough hand at the moment, what with being ill it does not make for a happy time. There no sign of improvement on the horizon so I am not really sure what will happen next.

So all in all I think I will vote form an early hibernation, just go to bed, bury myself in the duvet and raise two fingers to the world………………….good night!

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I’m beaten

For the first time in many weeks I won’t be riding tomorrow, my nose is blocked, it keeps running and I keep sneezing. My throat feels like it has a lump in it and I just don’t have any energy. Mind you the weather is pretty lousy round this way tomorrow so any riding would likely be a mud fest.

Not a lot more I can say really, I’m bit like a bear with a sore head at the moment with everybody pushing my button for fun. Think I might just stay in bed all day tomorrow………..

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