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Ouch! it was almost funny

Woke this morning to a lovely sunny morning, had been expecting a cloudy overcast like yesterday, but I am not going to complain about it being sunny even it was several degree lower than last weeks 20 degrees.

Thought I would to a gentle loop around Throop this morning, everything was going well until I got to Hurn Forest, the tree felling is still going on and the little bit of single track I ride when I get into the forest has been completely lost, I decided to follow the deep tyre track out to the main path and go from there. Everything was ok until we got to a boggy bit and it seems that they lined this section of the tyre tracks with small logs and branches from the trees they had felled to help get the machine through the boggy bits. I lost the front wheel on one of these logs, hit the side of the trench on the left and fell to my right, somewhere in this I managed to hook my ankle under a small branch at the side of the trench, then as I fell onto the hump of tree debris between the tyre trenches I managed to somehow pull another branch on to my leg just above my knee pinning it down. My bike came to rest on my legs and where I was now lying over the hump my head was looking at the forest in an upside down way. I eventually managed to free my left leg and use it to push my bike of my other leg. I could not move my right leg as it was still pinned at the ankle and above the knee, I pushed myself up on my arms which then released a bit of the pressure from the log pinning me above the knee, I could not move the log that was pinning my knee as I was actually sat on it (or another log that was holding it in place). I eventually managed to wiggle myself free but I guess it took a couple of minute all toll from the point of falling off to being able to stand. I imagine that had anybody seen me they would of thought it was quite funny, thinking about it now it is but at the time it hurt and was considering shouting for assistance (I had past a couple of dog walkers when I rode into the forest).

Having regained a vertical stance, I carried on up the tyre trench onto the main path and the rest of my ride which was thankfully uneventful. As I went across Parley Common my leg started to hurt and at first I thought it was a cramp affect from yesterday ride (I got cramps in the same place yesterday). So I decided not to push it and head for home rather than head back to Throop and home via the river. It was only later that I realised that it was infact where the log had pinned me down earlier, there is no bruise there yet but I expect by tomorrow morning it will be showing.

The afternoon was spent chasing a creak on the bike, I stripped the left hand pedal and gave that a good clean, will see if that has resolved it or not. I is definitely on the left hand-side and from the crank area. Not sure if I am riding mid week this week, would like to do a slightly longer ride but I need to plan a route so unlikely to be this week and with a 4 day weekend I guess I will do several two or three ride if we get the weather and maybe get the Whyte rolling again.

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ouch – update

This morning saw me sat in the local A&E to get my shoulder properly checked over. Before I continue I must say that I have whinged in the past when I have been to A&E with the daughter, waiting more hours than I like to count. Well this morning I was in and out in under an hour and a half and I cant fault the treatment I got. Makes a change to all the bad press the NHS normally gets.

Anyway back to the plot, once I had been booked in I was quickly seen by a doctor (who turned out to be a mountain bike rider as well), she gave my shoulder the once over and said that she did not believe anything was broken but would send me for an x-ray just encase. After a 10 minutes wait for an x-ray then a further 15 wait I was called back to the cubicle. Before seeing the doctor I was seen by a medical advisor about alcohol education. Apparently it is an iniative that they are running and all those that are seen in A&E are offered this service, apparently many people that visit A&E do so because of an alcohol induced injury.

After my alcohol education, the doctor arrived to tell me that there was no broken bones but there was a larger than normal gap between my collar bone and me shoulder joint. Apparently this is normal if have had a dislocated shoulder. The doctor thinks my shoulder either partially dislocated and then relocated or full dislocated and then relocated its self. My arm is now in a sling and I have a return appointment on the 10th, so no riding for me till at least next Friday.

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i have been infected

Not sure how or when but I am now sporting an infected right shin, which is doing a good impression of a radiant heater, if you cracked an egg on my leg it would probably cook with the heat being given of by my shin.

Not sure what day I cut my shin, but I know was stood astride my bike and brushed my shin across the pedal ( DMR V8’s, those little spike are quite sharp) which caused a small cut, a little scab formed and I never thought anymore about it. Tuesday morning my shin felt a bit funny and when I touched it it was red hot and glowing. By 2:00pm I wanted to scratch my shin to the bone. Wife had a doctors appointment that evening so when I dropped her off I asked if I could see the doctor, apparently I have an infection in my shin and I am now on a course on anti biotic. Mind you here I am complaining about my minor infection, the guy at Lost Sheep blog has a major collar bone injury, give you something to think about.

In the past I have always scoffed at the parents that built models for the kids school project, or spend a small fortune for them to dress up for their part in the project or school play. So why have I just spend the evening constructing Mount Everest and part of the Himalayas mountain range for the sons school project? I cut the cardboard and stuck it together and have left him to paint and decorate it. Left to my own device I think I would of ended up doing the whole building project for him. Never had to do that for the daughter, as she went to mother in-law after school and all her school projects were done at their house and yes I believe they did it\helped her do it as well.

Last night I made some soup, only the second time I have made soup, the first was a bit of a failure, French onion soup which turned out more like onion gravy. Thankfully this attempt was a success, it was a recipe from a Slimming World book. I had a bowl of the soup last night, took some to work today and I think there maybe a fight as to who has the remain portion tomorrow, the wife or me.

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