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it has been a long time

Well 15 days since my last post to be exact, feels a hell of a lot longer.

Life is still tough, wife is still job searching and getting the occasional interview but still waiting for the nod. Life is still tough and has not been helped by two major failures at work in the last 7 days. Fortunately in both cases we were part way towards replacing the points of failure but still a couple of weeks away from doing so. So the weeks of planning and testing were thrown in the bin and replaced with 2 days of it has to work now, followed by days of mopping up the problems left over, oh the joys of IT.

I had planned to go for a bike ride last Sunday except that I got the phone call from work regarding one of the failures which meant I had to go into work and deal with that instead of riding, maybe this weekend I will get out.

I am not going to bore you any further but hopefully when I post back here next time I will have some good news to report

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chinese puzzle

So there I was with my new IT toy trying to work how to get it to work, to configure it I had to logon to the device using the IP address that it had been given when it was configured, but it not been configured yet because I had not logged on to it as it did not have an IP address………… and so my brain ran round in circles for several minute. In the end the answer was fairly simple, plug the device in to the network which would give it an IP address automaticly, get that IP address and then use it to logon to the device, simple when you stop trying to make everything complicated. How many time do you hear people and even business say they are going back to basics because they have made a simple task more complicated than it needed to be.

That is exactly like my diet, eat sensibly and I won’t have a problem, start eating all the wrong thing and that is where the problems start. Last week I did a food diary to keep a record of what I ate, doing a food diary helps keep me on the straight and narrow with my eating. The result was a 3.5lb loss tonight, I am happy with that even more so when you consider that included having a Indian meal, cheese on toast and several large cookies (big ones, not the small Maryland type) during the week. So it is not like I am starving myself or on a rabbit food diet. I am going to do another diary this week to keep the good work going and then move on from there.

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