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wrath of the gremlins

So not content with losing last nights new found freedom that I nearly had, the gremlin were out to wreck my ride this morning. All did not start well as I got up about an hour later than intended, but not to be put off I had breakfast and got myself ready. When I went to get the bike out the shed I was confronted with a flat front tyre, I normally check the bike on Friday night but because of last nights laptop preparation I forgot. When I went to wheel the bike out the shed so I could sort the puncture out something else was not right with the bike, the chain was jumping as I pushed the bike backwards. Closer inspection revealed that one of the jockey wheels was ceased solid, I was not impressed. Front wheel was quickly resolved by removing a thorn from the tyre and patching the tube.

I dismantled the rear gears and set to work on the jockey wheel, removed the seals and a good soaking in WD40, this was followed by copious amounts of gripping the bearing inner sleeve with pliers and rocking the jockey wheel backward and forwards, then blowing out with compressed air and another good soaking with WD40. After about an hour the jockey wheel was spinning freely. A good quantity of oil was dripped onto the bearing, the seal refitted and the rear gears re assembled.

Now I was ready for the off……….er no. Last night before I went to bed I quickly loaded the route onto the GPS from the PC. This morning when I came to load the route before leaving The GPS refused to load the route onto the map. I spent more time reloading the route from my PC on the GPS but nothing I did would convince the route to load onto the maps on the GPS. In the end I copied the section of the route I did not know on the map on the PC, saved it, loaded it onto the GPS and then thankfully the GPS loaded it on the the map. Now I was ready to leave, only 2.5hrs later than intended. As I left I told the wife that if I came back in within the next 10 minutes, to hide as I was likely to explode.

The ride was two half’s, it started as my normal Sunday ride along the river to Throop and then out to Hurn forest. Then in the middle of Hurn Forest instead of turning right I turn left which then takes me out towards Avon Heath Country Park, from there it on towards the A31 crossing the dual carriageway (via foot bridge) then on to Ashley and then on towards Moors Valley . Here I added my own little bit into the route by joining the cycle Trail about a quarter of its way round and rode that till the end of the trail (the new cycle trail is not listed on the Moors Valley web site). From there it was down to the Castleman Trail to West Moors and then over to Ferndown. By the time I came out of the tree’s near Longham I was knackered and I still had 4 miles of road to cycle to get home. It was riding across the heath at Ferndown that I realised my last mistake of the day. A part from a Camelpak full of water I had not brought any energy drink or food, this was something I forgot to do after all the other cock-ups the morning had presented me. By now my thighs (around the quads) were aching badly, fortunately it was mainly flat from Longham to my house, when there was a slight slope my thighs let me know.

When I got home I was wiped out, when I eventually got round to getting the route of the GPS I was most disappointed 29.4 miles I was robbed, where was my 30 miler!!

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