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Sometime ago there was a report in the papers and on the radio about the level of customer service given to customer by various companies. At the time the worst customer service came from communications companies. Well I can say that from where I am sat it was true then and it is still true now, nothing has changed. I get to deal with a lot of communication companies from the likes of BT down to the smaller independent companies and communicating is something they have still not mastered.

What has got me wound up this past few days is the fact that I need to purchase a mobile dongle for work, just one dongle but Orange seem to be happy to ignore my offer of money for a 12 months contract. I thought (how ever foolishly) that it would be easy to go to the Orange shop and purchase a dongle, well it would of been had I been happy to purchase it in my name and pay for it via my bank account or via my credit card. But it is for work and I won’t be the one using it, apparently their system can’t handle a purchase for a business in the shop (or though I have had some thoughts on this more later).

So I thought I would phone Orange Business on Thursday afternoon, three times I tried, three times got through the menu system and three times I was cut off. So I clicked on that little button on their web site that say arrange a call back, twice I clicked and filled in the form have and guess what no call back. I tried calling them again to day, this time I got through the menu system, the phone rang and rang and rang and then a nice lady told me my call was important to them and they would answer the phone soon possible, then it rang and rang and rang and then the nice lady…………….. you get the picture, (Before anybody says well buy one from one of the other mobiles communication companies, I can’t, it has to be Orange, it is a long story).

Now I have been thinking, that I can’t be the only person wanting to buy a dongle (or phone) from an Orange shop for business. Was it just to much trouble for the shop assistant to process my order (we got as far as sitting in the little cubicle and tapping away on her screen). So I am going to try one of the other Orange shops in the area. But what gets me is the stupidity of it all, I just want to purchase a single Orange dongle and so far Orange are refusing to deal with me.

If you work in a mobile phone shop that deals with Orange, you could be my next best friend 🙂

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