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why, where did that come from?

Last night I planned a ride for this morning, nothing exciting, a visit to Moors Valley and a ride around the forest and cycle trail out there. Gave wife and son the option to take their bikes or to just go for a walk. Went to bed last night and got a bit of a twinge from a muscle in the top of my right leg (around the groin area), never gave it a lot of thought (I am getting old and full of aches and pains). Got up this morning went down stairs and had breakfast no problem, went back upstairs to wake the wife and ouch!!! That pulled muscle in my groin area let me know it was still there…….

So now what do I do, still go and ride and find I can’t ride which will really peeve me off or give it a miss hoping the rest will calm it down enough to let me ride tomorrow? but why now? Why not during the week, why is it when I have something lined up something has to get in the way.

Enough of the self pity and loathing, back at the start of May I purchased some Dr Sludge self sealing inner tubes from Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC), (for those not in the know, self sealing inner tubes look like normal inner tubes except they are filled with a latex type goo, when a sharp pointy thing punctures the inner tube the latex starts to come out of the hole and seals it and stops the inner tube from deflating). Now I have had a problem with these inner tubes since I fitted them to my bike as over the period of a week they go completely flat (compared to a normal inner tube and some other self sealing tube from a company called Slime which stay pumped up) which if I say so is not a good advert for a self sealing inner tube.

Dr Sludge box picture

I have tested them in a bath full of water looking for a leak etc. but found nothing. I have checked the valve but still they deflate. So after finding them flat again last Sunday, I sent an e-mail to CRC customer service more out of frustration than anything else. Well Monday I received a reply offering to replace them, I was a little surprised based on the time since purchase and the nature of the item. So I took CRC up on their offer to replace them and on (CRC said due to the low value of the parts I could keep the old faulty tubes!!) Thursday the parcel man came knocking, so a thumbs up for first class service and prompt action goes to CRC.

Like many other I have been following Le Tour, I have never had an interest in it before, not sure why I have an interest now but I have been watching it none the less. Seems to be a lot of accidents on the Tour the latest taking out brit Bradley Wiggins with a suspected broken collar bone (I know what that feel like and I did not break mine). It just amazes me that these guys cycle 125+ miles a day for 3 weeks (OK there are a couple of short time trials). I can’t even cycle 125 miles in one day let a lone everyday for 21 days and at the speed they do it at.

If my muscle strain does not settle down my weekend will be made up of Le Tour, F1 and World Team Cup Speedway 🙁

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