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it is too quiet

It is Christmas eve and it is to quiet around here, dear son is in bed a sleep….. allegedly, the wife and daughter are upstairs wrapping pressie, I sat here typing this having just finished playing family taxi for the day after picking the daughter up from work.

Lets back track a few days, Thursday I collected my forks from TFTuned despite getting lost looking for the Industrial estate, must update my sat nav, according to the sat nav I was in the middle of a field. Later that afternoon they were fitted back on bike, unfortunately I was not able to take them on a test ride as I had other things that needed to be done and anyway I had a ride planned for Friday morning.

Friday was a day of heavy precipitation (rain to me and you) so the bike stayed in the shed.

Today is Christmas Eve and I had to keep up the tradition of riding on Christmas eve, but first I had to drive the troops to the shopping centre so they could mount a dawn raid on the local supermarket to get those fresh bits we were still missing. In the end I still managed to head out on my bike just after 9am although I was not sure how long I would ride for.

For the past couple of weeks I have had an aching pain in my right leg, I can’t lay in bed on my right side for long as I get a pain in my right hip which is the one I fell on when I came of my bike in the ice and snow in January this year and then landed on again when I crashed in May. My knee has a dull ache in it like a pulled muscle but without the pain of a pulled muscle when you move. I also have a pulled muscle feeling around my groin on the right side from time to time (sound more like the walking wounded).

I decided to ride the Throop loop. At the start I was feeling a bit tight like I had not cycled for a few weeks but as I got a couple of miles under the tyres I felt OK. It was muddy, on two occasion having me off the bike, the first was when I tried to ride up the side of a rut, the front wheel just slid along but I had already committed to going to the right and the bike just fell side ways and I was able to just step of the bike. The second was in a deep mud pool the bike just stopped, I got off the bike and the bike just stood there supported by the mud.

By the time I was left Hurn Forest my right leg was aching and as I came down across Parley common I could feel my thighs starting to pull so I decided to give the return loop back to Throop and along the river a miss instead heading straight for home via the road.

The forks acted as they should which was good news, always a bit concerning when something fails but they can’t find anything wrong with it.

I am planning on going for a ride on Boxing day morning, dads taxi start again as I have to get the daughter to work as there are no buses, so as I am up I might as well go for a ride. Not sure exactly where or how yet but a ride I will do.

OK it only leaves me to wish you all (and your families) a Very Merry Christmas

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