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who wants the shi**y stick?

I have been beaten by it for long enough and would like to pass it on to some other poor undeserving soul.

Life goes on and the only good thing I can talk about is the two bike rides went ok over the weekend. The wife and I went to Moors Valley on Saturday and decide to try some of the other section of the forest we had not tried as we did not want to stray to far from the car for fear of the wife hurting her knee and having to walk back. Thankfully we had no problems despite the fact the wife fell off the bike again. We found a nice run along the existing single track trail which the wife enjoyed, in fact she enjoyed it enough to ride it twice. We found sections of the new extension to the single track which is due to be completed later in the year. All in all Saturday was a good day, despite the dark clouds on our horizons.

Sunday I went on my normal loop but boys was it cold first thing (well 7:30am), I had bought a new cycling top on Saturday and was intending to wear just that but it looked a little cool out so I put my base layer on underneath. By the time I got to the bottom of our road I was ready to come back and put the thermal on. It took me to nearly half way round to get warm.

I say I did my normal loop but this time rather than doing the road section between Throop to Hurn Forest I went into Sopley Woods. I had done part of this route before but Sunday it was the bit from the main road I did for the first time (well on a bike anyway). I had walked it in the past but then I a 4wd would of struggled as they had just had the tree loggers in and it was like a swamp. As it turned out it was easy enough although a little mud towards the end, but it made a change from the road.

I had hoped that replacing the jockey wheels last week would have resolved my clicking noise on my bike alas not. It was still there so now the rear wheel (the hub actually) come in for some closer inspection, that tomorrow nights job.

I have got to get on and sort myself out for the sponsored bike ride on the 25th, it is just at the moment I am lacking the motivation to do anything and I have just realised I don’t know where my details for the ride are, ho hum……………….

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the long haul

Up early tomorrow morning and heading for head office to put in my weekly appearance, a few thing to do but totally lacking in enthusiasm for the trip, maybe at 5:15am tomorrow I will feel differently………

Life is catching up with me today, the day started well and I felt ok when I got back from Northampton this afternoon but since then it has been down hill. Just finished doing some work on the servers at work, fortunately I was able to do it remotely but have to leave it to this late hour so nobody is on them.

Well only a short blog to night, going to see if I can get my head straight and to bed early to await the 5:15am alarm call.

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