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Some good, some bad, some indifferent

First the indifferent, it has now been a couple of week since I contacted ADS Recruitment about Silver van man and a apart from a confirmation e-mail saying that they had received my e-mail and it was going to be forwarded to the relevant person to reply, I have heard nothing. So it look like the “family principles drive us” (comment taken from their web site) does not extend to the driving standards of their staff.

The good news is the wife’s leg is well on the mend. There is still some pain in her leg and it is still slightly swollen but on the whole a lot better that is was 10 days ago. Thanks to all those that have wished her well.

Now the bad news, some of you may have noticed how low and moaning I have been for the past few months because that how I have felt with the ways things have been going on in my life. But sometimes you get news about a close friend who has been diagnosed with a serious illness and it knocks all your own problems into a different light. I can only wish that person all the best, you know where we are if we can do anything for you.

Finally a bit of music, one of my favourites copies at the moment

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