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the fight is on…

…for the control of my body, there is a microbiological battle going on in my body, the man flu has kicked in vengeance. I am moving from room to room accompanied by a box of tissues. Wife bought me a box of normal soft tissue yesterday, by mid morning today I had a lovely glowing nose so I am now the proud owner of a box of Kleenex Balsam Tissue which contain a protective balm. Certainly made my nose feel better, done nothing for the man flu though.

Well there won’t be any riding this weekend for sure which is a shame as it will be clear and sunny if a bit cold and frost for the next few days. Might try and sort my front gears out if I don’t fill to bad tomorrow.

The wife has two interviews on Monday which is a good, fingers and other part of my anatomy crossed for a positive outcome.


just a quickie!

Just thought I would pop on here and talk to myself for 5 minutes. Thankfully the pains in my calf muscle from the weekend cramps has now gone, only to be replaced by headaches, snotty nose and sore throat, yes I have the onset of man flu, oh joy.

The wife has been told her last day will be the 31st Jan, not what we really wanted to hear but we needed to know so that we can start to sort a few things out. She had an interview last week and was told that she was second pick if the first girl declined the offer. For some reason I would prefer not to know, knowing you were second just make you feel worse.


I’ve got man flu

As any bloke will tell you, man flu is a very serious illness, women will even ridicule the man about this disease telling him he is not really ill. Fortunately the powers to be have made a one of those health warning films about Man Flu, what to do.

On a serious note, my head is spinning, my nose is running like the angel falls, my eye feel like there is large shutter door trying to close. I have a total lack of energy and tomorrow I have to get up before the sun does, drive 140 miles sit through two meetings and then drive 140 miles back home when what I really want to do is curl up in bed and sleep………

Hopefully my ill health will be clear by the weekend and I can go out riding but then again I have seen the weather forecast, Saturday heavy rain and Sunday showers but we all know how good they are at forecasting the weather don’t we.

Somebody pass me a tissue……………

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