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i am getting better

Well I am 8 tablets into my course of 28 and the heat and itching has subsided from my shin thankfully. My shin is looking better, not so red or swollen so it look like the medication is working. Not sure if I will ride this weekend, doctor said to rest my leg so I will see how it feels Saturday morning before committing myself.

Right I am all for free stuff but lets be honest a lot of the free stuff now a day is just naff. Well take a look at Sintel and download the video. There is a huge choice from 120mb right up to 500+mb for the HD version. It is only a short film but it has been made using completely free software that many hundreds of people have contributed to designing and then programming. Then using this free software they produce a quality piece of animation. This is why I like Linux and all that it stand for (anyone geeky enough to be reading this please don’t starting preaching to me about Linux, gpl and fos, I am talking to the unconverted here and I don’t intend to confuse or scare them off).

Tomorrow the car is in for a service, lets hope they do better than the four day it took for the last service. Then it is of to Southampton in the roller skate (as my kids call them, small hatchback type car) I get as a courtesy car for the day, bet it will have no fuel in like every other car I have had from them. I have to collect one of those basic all in one printer, scanner copier things that refuse to work from the local branch. Then all I have to do is get it to work oh the joy, at least it is Friday.

Finally well done to the Chile for the rescue of the trapped miners, 2 months ago very few people gave the miner a chance of being alive let alone a chance of getting all 33 out alive after so long.

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