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Spring is just around the corner

All the hope of getting out on the bike at the beginning of autumn fell flat on its face. Won’t bore you with the details but it was the normal things from the past few months. I have got my ankle sorted out at long last, guess what it was??? One of the tablets I was taking as part of my treatment for diabetes. Apparently muscle\tendon inflammation is one of the side affect of taking Simvastin (a statin). Why the doctor never told me this on the two occasions I went to the doctors about my ankle I don’t know. Within days of stopping taking the tablets my ankle was feeling a lot better. Get the occasional twinge but nothing like it was.

As part of my diabetes treatment I was offered a flu vaccination, never had one before, I have heard stories of getting a bad case of the flu after having the vaccination so I asked a few people who had had the vaccination in the past there thoughts on it. On the whole they said they would recommend it so I had my injection mid Oct. Glad to report at the time no ill affects……………………..had to wait until Christmas for the cold\flu\bug to kick in. The son and the wife had been suffering with a cold bug for a couple of weeks and though they were on the road for getting rid of it before Christmas but the bug had other ideas. By bedtime Christmas eve all three of us were suffering badly. I think the wife summed it up best on Christmas day, if it was not for the daughter coming round for Christmas dinner we all would of stayed in bed. While it ruined Christmas for all of us the wife and the son were well recovered by new years, I had to wait until mid February before my throat felt OK. With that and the lousy weather, riding went out the window.

Diabetes check up went well in September, diabetes eye test in January did not, had to go for my annual eye check for diabetic retinopathy (its damage to the blood vessels in the eye that can lead to blindness). It seems as though I have background retinopathy, it does not affect my sight but I have to work harder at managing my diabetes and I thought I was. Now have to wait for my next check up which is due in April-ish sort of time.

The fish tank is going well, at least it is better than it was a few weeks ago, not sure how (I have my suspicions) but got a major infection in the fish tank, had several different infection going on at the same time but could only treat one infection at a time. In the world of fish keeping (at least for 95% of fish keepers) fish illness is a case of self diagnosis by the fish keeper (you can hardly take your fish to the vet!!). Unfortunately I lost a few fish but the remainder of now well on the way to full health even to the point a couple of them are pregnant!!

muddy bike

This is from this morning ride, the first of 2016, it was only a short ride, it was a very muddy ride, by the time I had finished I ached in places I had forgotten, I was blummin cold, not freezing but the dreaded windchill factor cold, by the time I got home I was freezing. My knee is giving me a few twinges at the moment but I am determine to go out again next weekend. Certainly a different route than today’s to avoid the mud. Well I am out of here for now.


the truth hurts

Not everything is going to plan, but we are not along way away from what was planned, food in take (the right sort of food) at the moment is erratic. It is OK one day and blown out the water the next. But I know what I should be eating and I am not, why??

Yesterday (Saturday) was supposed to be a starting point for me, my birthday had come and gone, I know what I should be eating and I had a ride with my son booked. Cue gale forces winds and heavy rain so I gave that up as a bad idea at 6:30am when I got up. I could see no reason to end up looking like a windswept drowned rat for riding around some fire roads in the New Forest. If I had driven loads of miles for a days riding around one of the trail centres then I would of ridden as I had a reason to, but not the New Forest. So excuse’s made to my son and the promise of a ride on Sunday it was off to do some shopping, just the bits we forgot or could not get on Friday night.

Sunday dawned bleak and over cast but by the time everybody was out of bed, blue sky and the sun were out in force and it was not as cold as they had promised ( I will eat those words later). I had wanted to go to Hurn Forest but my sun wanted to go to Moors Valley, so he won. Unfortunately my normal parking spot was full so I headed for the car park on the other side of the road a bit further down. It was not as flooded as it was last time we parked there which I thought was a good omen so I decided to ride this side of Moors Valley again, Bad Idea no. 1 I opted to ride up the hill at the start, Bad Idea no 2, before I had even got a third of the way up the hill I was a gasping wreck, this did not bode well. The plan was to do a bit more exploring of tracks I did not know where they went, well the first two ended up as dead ends so I opted to go the normal way. Two of the son Christmas presents had been a mud guard set for his bike and a pair of Seal Skin Socks so I knew we would have to find a bit of mud to give them a test, Bad Idea no 3. There is a wide 100mtr long straight stretch of dirt path which at this time of year is mud bath, well my son got to try out his water proof socks when he became stuck in the middle of a large puddle and had to put his foot down which came over the top of his trainers. When we got to the end he mentioned that the rear of his trousers were not as wet as normal so the mudguard was doing it jobs. I found an old trail I had ridden before but obviously not in the muddy winter, lets just say that I had to peddle down hill!

Soon my son was complaining of leg ache and to be honest my lack of fitness was really showing so I was not adverse to heading back to the car park, especially as I was getting sore……….as a friend of mine would put it, near my toy box, it was dam painful. We still had plenty of mud to negotiate so pain was now my companion as well as being an unfit gasping wreck.

We made it back to the car park, I packed the bikes away in silence, a combination exhaustion by lack of fitness and mud and frustration at my inability to pull my finger out and get my weight problem sorted.  One decision I have taken is when I am going back to slimming world, February 5th. I really need to get my weight sorted, I really need to get my fitness sorted, unfortunately evening rides during the week are not currently an option due to work commitments. I am currently working now (17:40 Jan 13th) doing remote upgrades which need to be done out of work hours and are  6 hours drive away from me.

Finally one of my favourites songs (the whole album is good); Elbow, One Day Like this


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hello, still here

Been a few weeks since my last post so I thought I better make a post.

On the riding front been out a couple of times (and not on the days that I mentioned in my last post). Once was a couple of weeks ago when I went to Moors Valley, had a miserable ride, probably one of the worst rides for a long time, just did not feel happy or comfortable on the bike, did one lap of the trail and then came home.

Went out today with my son, had to change plans at the start as the road to the Hurn forest was closed due to fallen power line thanks to a fallen tree. So we decided to go to Moors Valley again. My normal parking spot was full (I don’t park in the official car park, I don’t mind paying but I hate being ripped off). So I parked a couple hundred yards down the road in a very flooded car park. As were unloading the bikes my son said “what is up there” pointing to a fire road, I said “lets find out” In fact I have ridden in the north section of Ringwood forest before (it on the other-side of the B3081 which splits Ringwood Forest, Moors Valley being on the south side) but it has been over a year so of we went. I said to my son as we were getting ready lets find some mud to ride in which based on the rain full we have had lately was never going to be that difficult.

We were soon pedalling through mud and water, taking the occasional detour into the tree’s to shelter from the downpours which were arriving as per the weather forecast (shock horror, a correct weather forecast!) Eventually my son started to complain about tired legs, just as well we were heading in the direction of the car park, we were about to find out why the car park was flooded. First we heard the traffic on the main road, I realised where we were at about the same time as the puddle started to get deeper. It is hard to ride through puddles that are axle deep but as there were dog walkers watching I was not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me fall off into the water and made it through the puddle. I stopped and looked to see my son wading through pushing his bike, apparently he saw how deep it was on me and decided to walk through as it was better option than falling off into the puddle. By time we got home and hosed the bikes down the heaven open, just thankful we had managed to get a ride in.

Hopefully there will be some more rides in the coming weeks as I have a lot of holidays to take before the end of the year and I am hoping the get out on my own and ride.

On the work front, the server move went very well (we have to move them before we can replace them), a lot better than we had hoped for, we had problems but these were in fact nothing to do with the server move which sort of marred the success of the move.

As for everything else, it is still on going, there are good days and there are bad days, hopefully soon the good day will out number the bad days.

Finally a bit of music, something from Abba, but not one of there hit singles.

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a bush grabbed my handle bars and threw me off my bike!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, last weekend the black clouds in my mind descended and with that I was in no mood to do anything least of all write a blog or go out on a bike ride. The black clouds were linked to the wife lack of employment (impending lack of at the time) and the pressure such things bring (a stressful week at work did not help). Well I can report that she finished one temp contract on Friday starts another temp contract on Monday which is currently only for 4 days with a possible option for longer, plus and there is another possible temp contract in the pipe line. But as we have learnt, these options come and go quicker than rainbows (and there is no pot of gold at the end either), so I am not betting on anything.

So it was with some determination that I climbed on my bike at midday yesterday to go for a ride, the sunny warm weather forecast for Saturday morning turned out to be wet and windy. The rain stopped about 11am and most forecast were predicting showers with the rain coming back early evening. As I am a way bank holiday weekend riding I really wanted to get out and ride otherwise come next Saturday morning it would be 3 weeks since my last ride. The weather forecast for Sunday (today) was heavy rain and wind, (for once they were right) so I had to take my chance.

Before I went go riding I changed my tyres back to my winter mud tyres having fitted my summer tyres some weeks ago. Like the rest of the UK, since they announced a drought, it has not stopped raining. On taking the rear tyre off I found a very large thorn stuck in the tyre, the tyre was not flat so I guess the thorn was pretty well sealed in the tube only letting a small amount of air out of the tube. Because of the Sunday weather forecast I had planned to do a long ride on the Saturday, but with the morning rain I changed that to going on the clubs Saturday afternoon easy ride. But with black clouds looming I ended up leaving early for a ride on my own with the intention of getting back before the black clouds deposited anymore of there contents.

The local heath was just like riding in the middle of winter, mud and water everywhere, went wide in one corner, the bush grab my handle bars and steered me further into the undergrowth, fortunately I managed to get off the bike before being enveloped by the bush. I was not so lucky next time, going down a narrow trail my front wheel caught the edge of the sunken trail, as it was so muddy rather than ride up the edge the wheeled turned harder against the edge of the trail until the bike stopped and spat me out over the handle bars and in to the undergrowth, brambles make for a soft but prickly landing.

The creak I mentioned a couple of blogs ago was again missing, I have a theory on that, but I need to test that theory and wet weather is not the time to test it. Start tin to ramble so I am out of here

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Lovely blue sky

It might have been minus 7 this morning but it was a lovely sunny day. I decided to let the day warm up a little before venturing out on the bike this morning so I never left the house until 10am and the temperature was about minus 4. I wanted to see if I could retrace a ride I went on before Christmas with the local mtb club or more exactly one section of it which I had not ridden until that ride. I headed out over the heath and rode up my training hill, not so good this week as I stopped half way up but at least when I got to the top I was not a gasping wreck. Considering how cold it was I was comfortably warm wearing a long sleeved thermal base layer, another long sleeved base layer and then a long sleeved jumper on top, no jacket or coat, my normal Lycra jogging trousers, Altura thermal liner gloves with my Gore gloves over the top and apolar buff, snug as bug in a rug me.

Much of the heath was still frozen when I got there but as I got out towards Corfe Mullen where the sun could reach the ground was becoming muddy which made the riding interesting as it was difficult to tell what was frozen mud or soggy mud. Fortunately I avoided falling off the bike although I nearly went over the bars when missed a small ledge and took the option to go into a shallow stream. The water may have only been a couple of inches deep, the underlying mud was nigh on 12 inches deep and my front wheel went straight down and stopped dead.

Thank fully I found the route I was looking for so I have extended the area I can now ride and there is still a lot more to check out.

Compared to last week this week was particularly quiet, heating has behaved its self, there been no more overflowing pipes so all is good in fact I have even got the front door bell working, so all is good.

Hopefully out riding again tomorrow but that will depend on the freezing conditions and the forecast freezing rain, sounds like an interesting combination.

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