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out in the mud

Been watching the weather like a hawk since the middle of the week as we had planned to try out a new route. But since Wednesday the weather had been forecasting a wet weekend and I am not keen on riding in the wet (don’t mind to much if it starts dry and then rains while I am out but don’t want to start in the wet).

There was one slim chance as a couple of the weather site were promising a cloudy rain free start early on Saturday with the rain moving in by midday. So I went to bed last night vowing to get up a soon as it was light and providing it was not raining going out riding on the local heath. 7:15am dawned, damp wet and miserable but no rain so I dragged my body out of bed by 8:00am (I was tired) and got the bikes ready for the off…………………….and it started raining. Due to the colour of the sky we decided to wait and see if it would stop. 45 minute later we were on our way. Apart from a couple of minor shower there was no rain, at one stage we even had blue sky!

Everything was going well until we got to the half way mark when we came across a fallen tree completely blocking our way with no direct route around it we went of in search of a new route home. What we found was one of the most enjoyable rides we have had to date, along muddy tracks, through small streams until we found ourselves back at an earlier section of our route, we had done a very large loop. In-fact this was better than our normal route and it will certainly be a route we will try again. In total we did 10.7 mile (possibly more as the gps lost the signal) and to be honest I was not in anyway tired I could of carried on riding I was that relaxed, although my stomach was saying it could do with some breakfast.

Weather permitting I will be out again tomorrow, not sure which route I will try, have a couple in mind, just want to get out and play in the mud again!!

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