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Thursday was my day for my trip to head office, this involve me getting up early and leaving the house somewhere between 5:45am and 6am. Well this Thursday I got up early as usual checked my e-mails and checked on what the world had been doing while I slept (read the news) and then left for the long drive. About 7:30am I get a phone call from the wife, “the internet has gone down” I directed her in the normal course of action (turn the router off and wait at least 30 minutes before turning it back on again) while cursing Virgin Media under my breath. At 9:30am I got another call informing me it was still down, again I cursed Virgin media. Regular reader of my blog will know of my problems over the past few months with my Internet connection and Virgin media, so I started to prepare myself with a phone call to a call centre in the far east upon my return home.

Imagine my surprise then when I got home only to find my Internet connection was working but all the computer were unable to access the Internet unless they were on wireless. Turns out that my network switch had died at sometime between me leaving the house and the wife getting up. Worse still I did not have a spare network switch, or at least I did not think I had. It suddenly dawned on me while watching TV several hours later that I did have a 4 port network switch, which was older than the one that had died somewhere, yes it was somewhere……….

After searching several cardboard boxes box and storage containers I eventually found said switch sat on a table buried under a load of stuff, can’t remember when I last used it, let alone how it got on the table. So after 20 minutes of rummaging under the desk chasing cables and untying knots (exactly how do those knots get in those cables??) my network of PC’s were talking to the outside world again. I was unable to get a replacement network switch until today so have not been able to print or listen to my music.

I was due to call Virgin media on Friday but I was busy during the day and never got time to. Wednesday the 16th was the last date that Virgin media gave for fixing the problems and to be honest I am not sure if it has been fixed or not. I have not had the freezing web page updates that I was getting, but then it not as fast it has been so waiting till later next week to contact Virgin will give me a better idea if it is fixed or not.

Just hope that I don’t get any more problems with the Internet connection at home, I have had enough over the past few weeks.

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