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a change and a PB

Unless you are blind you will have noticed the change of decor on the site, not a 100% with the change yet but it was the best I have found to date. There are bits of this layout I like and there are bits I don’t, like the way the menu titles are in capitals. If I find I can’t change that then I will start looking again for a new theme.

Woke early this morning, the alarm went off and the duvet fairy turned up, I was nice and cosy there lying in bed and it became a battle of wills whether to get up and go for a ride or stay in bed. after about 30 minutes the bike ride won so I got up. I did my customary Sunday morning Throop Loop ride, when I first started riding this loop it was a 21 mile loop and took me 3.5 hours, the loop is now a 28 miles ride and this morning I set a personal best of 2hrs 45 min. I don’t normally worry about the time as I am not racing but I felt this morning achievement was a good marker of how I have improved over the past 9 months.

I think I may have spoken to soon yesterday about the creak, it still there this morning, going to spend some time over the next few weeks going through various components and checking they are lubricated and tight, it is just a process of elimination.

You will have noticed that a new page has popped up, it is called “Targets”, I am not going to go into what it is here as I do that on the Target page, so pop in and have a look.

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don’t like ironing

Ironing out the bugs that is, come to think of it don’t like the other type of ironing either.

Well a new look for the site and I like this one the most of those that I have tried, so I might be staying with this for a while.

Not much else to report really, work and lack of interest are there in equal amounts. Arguing with the insurance company that insure the mountain bikes, apparently they are classifying the new forks I fitted as an accessory like you would a bike rack or pannier bags.

It is cold with the occasional snow flurry and it looks like it will at least be sunny but cold for the weekend, not sure where I will be riding accept I will be riding.

Well I am out of here, see you later

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