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that was nice

Last night was weigh in night and while I had had a reasonable week I made a bit of a pig of myself on Saturday and only did the one ride last week so I was only expecting a modest loss, so the 2.5lbs I lost was very welcome, it also marked a total of 4.5st loss since I started losing weight. Got to keep on the straight and narrow this week as another good loss by next Monday will drop me into the 16st zone.

I was going for a ride tonight but for some reason my battery for my light is taking an age to charge, I stored the battery with a part charge in a cool place as is the recommendation on various sites I checked out on the web. I put the light on charge at 2pm this afternoon and it is still charging now, so not sure what is going with the battery charging. Hopefully I will get out on another night this week.

Well it is a short blog tonight as there not a lot to say

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who nicked my holiday?

Normally on a Friday night I relaxing and looking forward to the weekend but this is the last day of my holiday, in just two days and I am back to work, who nicked my holiday? Where has my planned weeks gone, the two ride I intended to do, one of them over the Purbeck Hills, the bike rebuild which is still a pile of bits (ok I am still waiting for the bearings), a night ride to test my new light, all fading ideas in my mind.

I had planned to go for a ride tonight to test my new light, I had spent the day on a shed roof, laying new felt on it. Then it was of to do the weekly shopping which meant were were home by early evening, ideal timing to get ready for my first night ride. Unfortunately mother nature decide to rain on my parade (literally), it is unnerving enough going for your first night ride without having to do it in the rain.

I can’t vouch for others but it is strange that two other (cycling based) blog’s I read are also writing about the dark clouds in there mind. Maybe we are all just SAD, all I know is I have felt better and I am not looking forward to the coming weeks.

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