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lacking motivation

I wanted to go to do two rides this weekend so what when I got up this morning did I have a total lack of motivation to do anything? It had been raining but had stopped and the sky was clearing (a s per forecast). In the end went and did some shopping for the bits we could not get last night, by the time we got back it was midday and the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. It was now to late to make it to the local club Saturday afternoon ride so I had lunch instead. Checking the weather for tomorrow showed there was very little chance of a ride tomorrow due to the weather so if I wanted to ride this weekend it was now or never.

I decided on a trip to the beach, it was a ride I was going to do with my son the other week (can’t remember why we did not do it) so I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself of the route, that was assuming I could get past the head wind I was riding into. Once I found the shelter of trees it was not to bad. On the first down hill bit I realised that I had no real front brake, I could the lever back to the handle bar with only marginal affect of speed!! Thankfully there were only a couple of small hills to go down.

I was soon at the beach, I took a picture for the wife just to prove that I was there, it was nice and sunny, a bit breezy although it was now on back pushing me along the promenade. Plenty of people, kids on scooters and dogs on leads (30ft leads!!) to dodge. Saw an old guy in one of those electric buggies, he was sat in the middle of the path blocking a council van from getting past, he then started to move to his left and the van started to move past him when suddenly the guy just turn right and nearly ran into the side of the van. I some time wonder about the ability of some old people to be able to handle those electric buggies.

The beach in all its black and white glory, kite surfers in the distance

A quick game of dodgems across the square in Bournemouth town centre and then up to Meyrick Park for the return leg home. This was the only time I lost the route I came out of Meyrick to early but hey ho. The only down side of this route is that there quite a bit of road riding involved but as a ride it is a simple quick ride.

Work has been manic this week and show no signs of changing next week but at least for the most part it all went according to plan (not that I have a plan…). Have a few laptops and PC to sort out this coming week so hopefully I will be left alone long enough to get on and sort them out.

Had a lovely phone call from the insurance company (national company, big name, yellow is there colour) that insure the companies vehicles, claiming that they had phoned me and arranged an engineer to come and look at my van (afters it little bump) and that the engineer came out and could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. Well that was wrong on three counts, first they had never phoned or spoken to me, secondly I never had any visit from an engineer, and thirdly you would have to be blind to miss the damage. I am now waiting for the engineer to phone me to arrange a meeting as the girl on the phone could not understand the concept that my location can change on a daily basis so it is very difficult to say where I will be in two week times on any given day.

Talking of Bournemouth town centre earlier, I came across this video in the week of urban mountain biking which just so happens to be in Bournemouth

Edit: October 8th 2016, it seems as though the video that I had posted here sponsored by TrollTech has been made the video private and you now need to login to see, there loss not mine as I have now removed all relating content.

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