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No it is not some Microsoft chat service but something most driver of a certain age will understand (or least had to understand to pass certain driving tests). Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – MSM, what you should do for instant when you wish to change lanes on a motorway or dual carriageway. Unlike the dipstick on Saturday who thought it was proper to just change lanes into the lane I was driving in just as you reach his rear bumper with no signalling and no checking of mirrors and then wonders why the driver behind him is getting so agitated………

I was having to work on Saturday which involved a 2.5 hr drive to Northampton, well it should of been 2.5 hours, by the time we got to Northampton it was just short of 4 hours. We spent 1.5 hours sat in the classic car traffic jam on the A43 near Silverstone, apparently they were holding a Classic Car auction. Mind you I should imagine it was one of the most expensive traffic jams I have sat in, we were surround by E-Type Jags (must have seen at least 20), AC Cobra’s, Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari (various), Ford GT40 (probably a replica), TVR’s Ginetta, Triumph TR5, TR6, Stag, Morgan, Corvette plus many I did not recognise. At least it helped with the delay having something nice to look at.

Due to the delays getting to Northampton and then the job taking longer than intended, I did not get back in time for a ride. I wanted to do a couple of jobs on the bike pre-ride and it was early evening before I had finished. Last time I rode Saturday night and then again Sunday morning my legs were like lead so I gave it a miss.

Sunday dawned to the sound of my alarm clock, I quickly turned it off turned over and went back to sleep for an hour, eventually got up at 7am. This morning ride was the Throop Loop and a visit to Avon Heath Country park (I have been calling it Ashley Heath for some reason). The past couple of weeks I have been riding around what is called South Park which is the section of the country park which is on the south side of Boundary lane. Well according to the nice Dorset Countryside Ranger they don’t encourage cyclist in the South Park but they are happy for them to ride in the North Park which sits between Boundary Lane and the A31. I thanked him and headed for North Park. All in all not a bad ride, another 30 odd miles.

During the ride my Bottom Bracket was letting me know it was not happy, I narrowed the problem down to the left hand-side (as you sit on the bike). On closer inspection back home the bearing did not look to good so I gave it a good clean and re-greased it (did both sides) and will see what it says on the next ride.

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