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it was wet and muddy

But I enjoyed it, I am referring to my ride this morning. When I got up it was wet but not raining so I decided to get my kit on and go for a ride. Next I had to decide where, over the local heath would be a short ride but a complete mud fest, the Throop Loop would be a longer ride and a bit less mud (or so I thought). So I opted for the Throop loop but done a bit different this time, running in the opposite direction from the weir, I also decided to try some of those paths I have ridden pass in the past and no idea where they went.

My first new direction was down a bridle path (which come off the bridle way to Parley Common) and after only 30ft led straight in to a bog where I nearly did a face plant in the mud thanks to a immovable submerged object in the mud. So I pick myself up out of the mud and seeing that the water and mud continues for as far as I can see (large bush a little way in the distant blocking my view) I have two options, do I (A) go back the way I came or (B) continue on regardless…………………………………..yes I took option B! So I spent the next 15 minutes playing hike a bike through the bog as I followed the path. When the water level got shallower and I could see the bottom of the stream running down the path I remounted and started to ride again. I think this is one area I my decide to ride only in the summer.

By now I was feeling as though I had left my riding legs at home, I eventually made it into Hurn Forest and set about trying some of more of those paths I have not ridden in the past. I found many of these had section of mud in them (which given the weather is hardly surprising). The heavy conditions of the paths were taking it out of my legs, they just felt like lead. I was happy to get out of Hurn forest and onto the road where my speed picked up and sprayed the mud off my tyres into my face, nice.

A quick detour into Ramsdown Plantation and Sopley Common where I tried some more new paths before heading back towards the river at Throop. By now the heavens had opened and it was peeing down, this gave me a chance to try my Montane jacket which I had purchased in May. I have worn it a couple of times but never in any proper rain. I decided to remove my jumper (I had been riding with my fleece jumper and a long sleeved base layer and I was boiling), I was quite surprised at how warm I stayed.

By now my legs were out for the count, it was raining that hard it was washing the mud off the bike and I had two humps to get up on my way home but it felt like I was riding up the Alps. It was the hardest ride I have done for a long time, I think it was simply the heavy conditions out there.

After a long soak in the bath I sat down to watch the F1, first off, it was boring, the only excitement was brought about by those drivers who pitted under the safety car and then working out who was going to be where after their pit stop. Secondly, Vettel was not my choice to win, but he has driven well for the season and finally Alonso is a spoilt Spanish baby who thinks everything should be given to him, rather than earning it, it is about time he grew up and started acting like a two time world champion rather than a baby who lost his dummy.

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