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where did you get your licence?

It is the question that has been going through my head for the past couple of days. Now I don’t claim to be the greatest driver on the road (if I was it would not give me anything to aspire to :)), but I certainly hope that if I sink to the level of driving I have seen this past couple of days somebody will tell and I will hand my licence back.

Idiot 1) I am waiting at a traffic light controlled Tee junction, I am on the side road (the upright part of the tee) waiting to turn right onto the main road, my traffic light changes from red to amber, engage first gear, lift the clutch, start to release the hand brake and from my left comes a little moped, straight through his obviously red light and continues across the junction like it is not there.

Idiot 2) Out shopping this morning, approaching a Tee junction and the car in front indicates that it is going to turn right. Not a problem except that they take up position at the junction in the middle of the lane. There is enough room to the cars right to actually get another car between them and the middle of the road. As a consequence of this I am blocked from pulling up to the junction and turning left.

Idiot 3) Another red light jumper but this time on a pelican crossing. There is a cars in front of me as I approach the crossing, I am slowing down as the light is already on red, the person starts walking across the crossing from the right and the car in front continues across the crossing without stopping. Just as well it was not a mum with some kids that like to run across the crossing.

Idiot 4) The local councils around here enjoy placing those chicane type traffic calming road blocks on side roads. Twice this morning I had somebody drive in to the middle of one of these and then indicate for me to proceed past them. Problem is there only room for one vehicle at a time in these traffic calming road blocks, am I supposed to drive over them??

Idiot 5) Finally, I kept the best till last, earlier this afternoon I was driving up a side road, there is a car a short distance in front of me which indicates to turn left into another side road which is the same direction as I am intending to go. As I turn into the street the car in front has pulled into a parking space on the left hand side of the road. As I get closer to the car it indicates right and pulls out of the parking bay in one move and moves into a parking bay on the right hand-side of the road, I have to brake to avoid running into him. As I pass him he tries to turn left out of the parking bay into the side of me (he actually heading for another parking bay on the left as I watched him in my mirror once I had passed), he then has the cheek to honk his horn at me because I was in the way of him continuing his parking bay slalom down the road!!

Please, if you ever see me driving like any of the above then let me know and I will hand my licence in.