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Sunday sunshine

Well there is sunshine out there now but at 8am this morning it was grey, cold and bleak. Yet yesterday morning it was a gloriously sunny day from the moment I opened my eyes. The temperature is still winter like, comfortable if you are in the sun but get in the shadows and it is cold. Spring has certainly sprung, along the river this morning the bushes are starting to burst into life with white flowers, several of the open areas are covered in daffodils and to cap it all the grass at home had its first cut for 2011.

Yesterday it was warm enough for me to ride in just my short sleeve top, I had started with my jumper on as well but that soon founds it way in to my backpak. Two rides this weekend nothing exciting except for two punctures. One when I got the bike out the shed and another out in Canford Heath, the tube I fitted had a faulty valve, so I had to fit another tube to the tyre. Neither ride was anything exciting just a normal Canford Heath and Throop rides, tried a couple of new bits on each ride which seemed to work well.

Only a short ride on Saturday as I wanted to get back, clean myself and the bike before the rugby started, good idea until the wife decides she wants to go shopping as well before the rugby starts, sorted it all out in the end. As far as the rugby went it was a bit of a disappointment, the only decent match was the Scotland v Italy match. As for England v Ireland, I’m not sure England turned up, Ireland gave the team they were playing a lesson in rugby, had they played like that for the entire tournament then they could of been in a position to take the Grand Slam. Then moving onto to France v Wales, it was not as one side as the Ireland England match but again one sided.

As I mentioned last week my credit card was scammed, I have had an e-mail from Chain Reaction Cycles, two letters from my credit card company and a new credit card this week. I thought that the three security numbers on the back of the card was supposed to make scamming your card harder?? The only thing getting harder is using your card with all the additional information you have to provide when you order on-line, then should you need to contact the card company to discuss anything you have to recite a couple of volumes of personal information and family details just to talk to somebody.

Tomorrow night is weigh in night, hopefully it will be down

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in a grump

For the past couple of weeks my new blog posted message has not been appearing on Facebook. After much messing about I gave up with the WordPress plug-in and went in search of a new plug-in, wish I had not bothered. These status up-daters seem to work (or not in my case) by linking a mobile phone to your Facebook account and fooling Facebook into thinking that the blog update message is in fact a Facebook status update (which I guess it is in away). Now there seem to be something wrong with Facebook as it won’t let me “Activate a Phone”. Everytime I try it keeps coming back saying that the confirmation code it sent me (like 10 seconds ago) is invalid (its only 6 digits long) and I have now tried so many times I am now blocked from trying anymore!! So now I waiting for the Facebook help forum to help me out, not holding my breath………………

With winds around 30mph and gust to 49mph I decided today was not a good day to go for a cycle, locally or Swindon (as I had planned). So instead I went for a walk and quick sand blast along the beach at Sandbanks. Got back in time to watch the rugby this afternoon 6 Nations matches. I think the poorest display from the 3 matches was the Irish, they only just beat the Italian who I think were unlucky to lose. England got off to a great start last night, it was not brilliant as there were to many mistakes. France put in a solid display this afternoon which won them the support of there fans after the fans boo-ed them of the pitch late last year after a large defeat. Scotland showed they had fight and the spirit to win so I would have to put Scotland above Wales, so my totally “Unofficial arm chair supporter don’t know what I am talking about league table of who had the best match” for the first round of the 6 nations look like this

1 France
2 England
3 Scotland
4 Italy
5 Wales
6 Ireland

Like I said, what do I know……………

Hopefully the wind will have dropped enough tomorrow for me to go for a ride, not sure where I am going to ride yet as I don’t know what the river level is like so will have to see what the morning brings

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if only the manual was correct

I had to work today (Saturday) which is rare for me, I had to shut the entire IT system down down for several hours and I could see little opportunity to do it during working hours, so an early morning drive to the Cotswold was my start for Saturday. I had to install an item I had not installed in the past so had to refer to the manual to check certain options. Happy with what I read I proceeded with the install. So why was I pulling my hair out an hour or so later because it was not working and one of my servers had disappeared off the network?? because the bloody manual lied that why. I won’t bore you with details but basically the item I was installing was set-up (out of the box) the opposite to what the manual said, if you can’t refer to the manual to get the correct info where are you going to get it??

Once I had got everything working and my server had reappeared (the disappearance was linked to the item I was installing not working correctly) it was nearly mid afternoon before I left for home a couple of hours later than planned. Decide to go back the scenic route via Stow-on-the-Wold, where I passed two groups on mountain bike riders, riding up the road caked in mud and looking as though they had enjoyed their ride. I felt really peeved off, the sun was out, the sky was blue and I was working. With rain forecast for tomorrow I am not sure if I will get to ride or not, will have to decide on how heavy the rain is. It will have to be a morning ride as I want to watch the F1 which is on just after midday.

I would like to see Hamilton or Webber win the F1 but there is little chance of Hamilton winning it so I will be hoping Webber is there at the end, just as long as Vettel and Alonso don’t win it I don’t mind. Wanted to watch the England Australia rugby match but I never got back in time so I watched the highlights, certainly looked like the England boys had a field day. Might of been a bit different had Australia put those penalty away rather than missing. I did manage to watch New Zealand walk all over Scotland

My week has not really got any better or worse than Tuesday blogs, I have ignored the problem for the time being, been to busy working on the new phone system install which has been happening this past week and seemed to go fairly well (nothing I was doing, I was just a helping hand).

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