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silver van man

Silver van man, similar to the white van man (the menace on UK roads) but more stupid. Now you would expect white van man in his plain unmarked van to rush down the outside of queuing traffic and cut in at the last possible chance. But silver van man is stupid, he does the same in a fully sign written transit van on the A303 at the A34 junction yesterday at 06:56am. The A34 had been closed at Winall (J9 M3) with all the traffic being diverted up the A33 and onto the A303. At about 1.5 miles from the A34 junction traffic started queuing to get off the A303. Queuing was to much for Silver van man, he came down the outside of the queuing traffic and then forcably cut in at the last minutes.

As I said earlier his van was sign written so the photo below has been posted to ADS Recruitment of Southampton to see if they would like to comment.

Watch this space

check the black car on the inside of the silver van man being forced to move out of the way