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another false start

New year is normally a time for forgetting the past and making a fresh start, unfortunately in my case I think somebody forgot to tell life that we were starting over for the new year. For the last two weeks I have been laid up with one of those cold\virus things doing the rounds. I blame my son has he brought it home from school and spent a week off school. Then it was my turn and spent 4 days laid low with the bug, apart from the sore throat, headache, felling hot and cold, this bug came with the added bonus of dizzy spells when you stood up or moved around. Having spent 5 days at home I was getting cabin fever so as the wife wanted to do some shopping I felt a trip to Sainsbury’s would be a good idea to get some fresh air. So we drove to Sainsbury’s, by the time I had walked from the car park to the entrance I was holding onto the wall to keep me up, the world was spinning, it was like being drunk without the drinking, not nice. Fortunately I am over the worst of it, still a slight sore throat but at least the spinning has stopped

Having the cold\virus meant I have not done any riding for two week and we have not started the decorating of the lounge yet which is now two weeks behind schedule. Apparently the new carpet is now at the shop ready to be delivered and laid, think it might be there for a couple of week more yet.

I have joined up to Slimming World again, I had to delay it a week due to having the cold and virus but attended a meeting this past Tuesday. I will openly admit I was nervous about getting on the scales, it was not as bad as I had expected but it was still not a healthy weight which ever way you look at it.  My increased weight has caused inflammation in my left knee, I am now on a course of anti inflammatory pills to calm it down while I get on with losing weight again.

In all this bad news we have had a couple of bits of good news, The other week the wife says we have won a tenner on the lottery, so she goes to collect our winning and got the shock of her life when the girl behind the desk handed her £64, we actually had four numbers on one line. The other good news is that the insurance company has paid out for the fish tank and the cabinet which caused the flood, just need to get the lounge redecorated, carpet laid and then I can think about getting a replacement tank.

I was checking my cycling helmet out the other day and noticed the state of the foam pads in the helmet, they were gross (think 18 months of sweaty dirty head). So I contacted the UK importer and asked if replacements were available. They replied with a part number and stated that I would need to order the replacement from an approved shop.  So I contact  a local shop and was informed that the parts were currently on back order………………………………………..June 2013!!   Funny how I found a new helmet on special offer on the Internet that same day!!

Well a bit of music to end with Lacuna Coil, only found out about these guys a couple of days ago and have not stopped listening to them since.

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what happens when the wheel falls of your wagon

Not so much a wheel falling off, more like all the wheels being removed and left to sit on piles of bricks…………

Well last night was crunch time, just before Christmas I left Slimming World due to a funding crisis with the intention of starting again when funds were in a better condition. Well last night the time had come to rejoin.

I knew it was not going to be good news, trouser that were once nice and baggy are now once again tight and in some case are to tight to wear. At Christmas I always let myself go a little bit and enjoy the food, but in this time my Christmas did not finish until last night. I have not stood on a set of scales since my last slimming world night (its not something I normally do anyway). I had wondered what the damage was going to be but soon put the idea out of my head because had I under estimated my weight gain I would be really annoyed if when I stood on the scales I was way over my estimate. What ever my current weight was I was not expecting it to be good and I was not disappointed from that point of view. I have gained 2 stone (28lbs, 12.7kg take your pick it is all the same) since just before Christmas. If I am honest it is about where I though I would be, any less and I think I would of got of lightly, any more and I think I would be feeling very depressed about the situation.

So now the hard works starts, my first target is to get back to where I was pre Christmas and from there get my weight down to where it should be. I am going to need help, so feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction when you see me heading in the wrong direction……..PLEASE!


busy week

A very busy week which did not get off to a good start on Monday, I was not in a good mood during the day, as my mother would say, “got out the bed on the wrong side this morning did we”. Things did not improve as we left to go to Slimming World. Then the scales could not conceal my troughing from the previous week, it was only half pound gain but still a half pound to much. For various reason things continued to go downhill during the evening and by the time I got home I was stewing nicely (or not as the case maybe).

Tuesday dawned and I was needed at head office to install the server which had been returned from repair, well I would of install it done had the carrier got there finger out and delivered as requested by 9am. Maybe being located 10 miles from the centre of Southampton is a different time zone which allows the carrier to deliver items an hour late. I got back home early afternoon to find the wife virtually dead on her feet with some bug which is doing the rounds so I pointed her in the direction of her bed where she stayed until 7:30am this morning.

Wednesday I had the afternoon off, my son had an appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan, everything went well. I thought he might of freaked out by the noise the scanner makes (he dislikes loud noises) but he was quite calm. Now we have to wait and see what the consultant say.

Not only was our son at the hospital today, it was the day we found out what secondary school he would be going to in September (like many other parents around the UK). We found out just before we went to the hospital, he got his second choice (which was out of the area), first choice being the grammar school which we think he did not pass the entrance exams (mind you it oversubscribed by 296).

Tomorrow, working in the morning and off in the afternoon for a funeral. It is being held in the same church we got married in. But before that the wife is going for a 2nd job interview with a company she had an interview with last week, it is down to a choice between her or another person. Really hoping it goes the wife way as that would certainly turn the light back-on at the end of the tunnel for us, it is getting a little dark and grim around here at the moment.

We had only been back from the hospital about 10 minutes this afternoon when the phone rang, the local community dental service having just realised our son had been referred to them some 14 months ago but had not had the appointment, so he is off to see them on Friday afternoon.

Finally, here the video I mention on Sunday, unfortunately I set the camera a little to high so there are a few skyward shots but you get a nice feel for weaving in and out of the trees.

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i lost, but not happy

So it was weigh in night tonight and as I hoped it had been a good week and I had lost 3.5lbs, so why am I not happy, because if I had not made such a pig of myself eating over Christmas I would of been well into my 16st mark. but no, here I am covering old ground which I covered numerous time last year.

Ok I can’t change what has happened, I just have to but my best foot forward and keep plugging away at it. I know what I can eat, I know how much to eat, I know how to diet (although Slimming World don’t call it a diet) I just can’t seem to find the will power to keep away from the foods that I should not eat. I have the will power to lose weight, I just don’t have the will power to stay away from the wrong types of food.

There a women at Slimming World, she started in May 2010, and to date she has lost just under 4.5st, now a size 8 and she look great for it. There have been several women who have joined lost fabulous amounts like her losing a good weight each week in a controlled manner and there is me plodding along getting no where. Ok the 4.5 stone loss (if you ignore Christmas for a minute) I have had in 2.5 years is not nothing (if you added all the gain I have had and had to lose the weight again it is probably nearer 7 stone I have lost) but it should of been more but despite what I am saying here, I will still jump at a portion of fish & chips, cream cake or cookies knowing what the affect will be and how I will feel about it afterwards.


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it’s 5 o’clock, it’s holiday time!!

That is it for a few days, I am now officially on holiday and the weather forecast is………………………………..rain 🙁

Currently sat here trying to work out where to go tomorrow as a family where I don’t have to forfeit two arms and a leg as payment. I have 6 days off including the weekend & bank holiday Monday and tomorrow is the only day we can all go out as a family for the whole day, Thursday the daughter has to start work late afternoon, Friday the wife getting her hair done, Saturday and Sunday the daughter is working during the day, Monday you just don’t want to travel anywhere on a bank holiday. Now add in the rain factor, the wife can’t walk to far my bad back and the fun really starts. The kids have been to all the local attractions so were now looking further a field and drawing a blank, one suggestion was Legoland, £127.80 for 4 (3 adults and 1 child) for a day pass, they must be having a giraffe!! Beginning to think it is cheaper to go back to work…………………

Last night was a good night for weight loss as such, I lost the weight I put on last week, so I am not dis-pleased but then I am not over the moon either. I just do not seem to be able to get a handle on this weight loss thing at the moment, well to be honest for the past two years. I am losing, I have a good week then I put on what I lost, then I lose what I put on, then I put on again then lose that………………………….and on and on it goes.

At least I am staying positive and still going to Slimming World, to be honest it the only thing that keeps me motivated.

Never made it to the Air Show on Sunday as the weather was lousy, heavy rain showers, low cloud and strong gusty winds. We live a couple of miles from the local airport which is used as a staging post for the air show, I heard half a dozen planes take off, never saw one of them fly over head, the cloud was down to about 200ft. I did start cleaning the bike in the gazebo but the rain started to seep through the gazebo so had to pack up and head indoors.

My back is not to bad at the moment, feeling a bit better, still hoping to throw my leg over my bike on Friday (back and weather permitting).

Finally a message to Clive , STOP LAUGHING IT HURTS! and hello to Keiron at Welsh Cyclist

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