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well it nearly went to plan

The wife wanted to ride in the New Forest on Saturday so having had a plan for a modified route around Linwood I thought it would be a good time to try it out. On the normal ride around this loop it involves a section of road riding under the A31 and then up a long drag up the other side. My idea was to cross the A31 by using the animal subways (subways for the ponies and cattle to get from the forest on one side of the A31 to the other). Well this worked out OK on the first crossing but on the return vis a different subway the New Forest Ponies were using the subway as a stable. As several of the ponies had foals with them we thought it best to find an alternative route. The next subway was about 1 mile way so we followed path that ran along side the A31. It is only when you are that close to the road that you realise how noisy and how fast the traffic is. Fortunately at this subway there were only a couple of ponies at the far end so we walked through and they did not seem to be bothered. NOTE: If you ever walk\ride through one of these subways, don’t think about what you are walking\riding on, just hold your breath and walk!!

As we headed to back towards Burley the path we were following seem to becoming less and less defined, at least the GPS was telling me we were heading in the right direction. It got to a point that I ended up following the GPS made sure we were heading in the right direction and then followed anything that looked like a path going in the right direction. We eventually found our way back to the car at 11am, thankfully beating most of the heat.

I awoke to day with less enthusiasm than normal for my Sunday morning ride, maybe it was because it was the fact I had ridden on 4 of the last 6 previous days or maybe it was I was feeling a little delicate in the crown jewels department!! Breaking in a new saddle has not helped matters either. I think the time has come to invest in some proper cycling shorts with some padding. I have held off until now as I have been trying to get down to a reasonable waist size but I think the time has come to go shopping……..

As a consequence of feeling a little delicate, I only did a short ride this morning, for the first time in months I got off the bike very carefully when I got back.

The rest of the day will be spent watching the F1 Grand Prix and hoping that anybody wins as long as it is not Vettel or Alonso. Then I will be cleaning and lubricating the Whyte later this afternoon.

Also got to empty the car at sometime today as it off for its first MOT tomorrow, 3 years old (103,000 miles). Not looking forward to the mass of answer phone messages and e-mails I will have when I start work again tomorrow although I am working from home.

Tomorrow night weigh in night so hopefully the past weeks riding will have helped, only time will tell………………

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