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unwanted visit from the toothache fairy

I have only ever had toothache twice, the first time was earlier this year and it hurt, the second is now and is a lot more painful. I will be phoning the the dentist tomorrow morning to see if I can get in and see him but I can’t see him any earlier than tomorrow afternoon as I have a meeting in the morning which I have cancelled twice already so can’t really cancel again.

Was considering riding the Dorset Dirt a 30 mile cross country ride on Sunday but had been biding my time to see what the weather was going to be like on Sunday. With all this rain we have had and now with the toothache, I am not sure if I will enjoy riding on Sunday, especially if you check out the weatherforecast (below) from Met Check

Sunday forecast, er a bit windy

Looks like it will be a bit windy 😮 Looking at Met Office for Sundays forecast is showing rain so I may not do the ride.

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toothache – part 2

The official line is I have an abbesses under a rear upper back tooth, I have been on Anti Biotic’s for a couple of days now and to be honest, there not a lot of difference in the pain, especially if I don’t take my pain killers. I am not enjoying this at all

Yesterday morning after I came back from the dentist I was falling a sleep at my PC so I have had to change the pain killers I am taking, back to normal paracetamol. If I feel there no change by midday tomorrow I am calling the dentist as I don’t want to be like this all weekend.

The prognosis for the tooth is either root canal work or have it out, which is to be expected, except for one small thing, I don’t like needles in fact I have never had an injection prior to the dentist giving me a filling, I had two teeth out when I was a kid and they did that by gas, so god knows what I am going to do about those two options.

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What started as a dull ache on Sunday afternoon has turned into a full blown gum bulging toothache today. I will be glad when I climb into the dentist chair tomorrow so he can have a look to see what is causing the problem. I am not expecting a lot, probably a course of anti biotic’s to kill the now throbbing infection I have in the gum\under the tooth. Then a return visit to resolve the issue.

Thankfully I have never had a toothache before and after this one I don’t want another one. When it started on Sunday I was prepared to ignore it hoping it would go away, but then I had this vision of it returning on Christmas eve, by Monday morning, with the growing pain I was convinced to arrange for the dentist check it out. It would not be so bad had it not been for the fact that I had a check up last Thursday.

Well last night weigh in was a non event as I never went, a throbbing tooth has a lot to answer to. I had planned to go for a ride tonight but again the dreaded tooth has stopped me. I am currently sat here falling a sleep from the combination of tablets I am taking, if you could shake me I would probably rattle.

Had a bad daddy moment earlier today, I was working from home today, here is what happened

3:45pm the phone rings

me: hello

caller: hello is that Mr Henley

me: yes

caller: It’s Kingsley Primary School here, your son is waiting to be collected…………

me: OH SH*T!

I was supposed to collect him from school at 3:15 and I had completely forgotten. Ten minutes later I am collecting a rather grumpy son from school, apparently I owe him now……..

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