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not a good week

It has been a tough week, being dragged around the country side for work while I have a load of work to do in the office (if I had an office…………but that is another story).

After lasts week no show by the insurance engineer the insurance company decided that they don’t need to inspect the car now. So this afternoon I go to book the car in to the body-shop and was informed that the insurance company have not notified the body-shop so I had to phone the insurance company up again, “Oh we thought you were going to pay”!!!!!! The car was damaged by a third party and is a company car, why would I be paying? The insurance company were going to contact the body shop so hopefully I will get a call from the body-shop tomorrow\Monday to book the car in.

Clive from Massive MTBer left a link to the blog he write for Bike Radar. His latest blog inspired an interesting comment from a reader regarding the genetics of being fat. Click here to read the articles. While interesting to read and understanding why you get the urge to eat, it still boils down to will power to block out the voice on the hunger monster within.

I have missed the opportunity to do an evening ride this week for one reason or another, just hope the weather holds for the weekend so I can ride, not sure where but might try the Purbeck’s again. The evening and morning are now starting to get get darker, better start making to most of these opportunities.

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