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that did not go to plan

I went to bed on Friday night with a plan, in between going to sleep and waking up somebody binned it.

The day did not start well, I had intended to be up early as we were going for a ride and I wanted to beat the forecasted afternoon rain. I had even toyed with the idea of getting up early enough to watch the rugby, but waking up at 8:30am put pay to that idea. So after breakfast the three of us got ready to go for our ride. As were we loading the van my son suddenly started screaming in pain, at first I could not see what the problem was but I was soon made aware that I had just shut his finger in the cab door. Quickly opening the door and taking him indoors I put his hand under a running tap to wash the blood away and try and ascertain the damage. After calming him down the damage was not as bad as first feared, he could still bend his finger and it was only the top section of his finger (down to where his nail appear out of the finger) got trapped. On closer inspection with the door, it seems his finger was more like pinched than crushed, the coming months will let us know if he will loose the nail.

While we were sorting out my sons finger accident I was expecting the days riding to be called off but he was still keen to go riding with the aid of a plaster on his finger so who was I to stop him? We opted to go for a ride at Moors Valley around the Through the Woods trail. He has ridden it before but that was on his small bike, I was a bit concerned that with the wider handlebars he would be collecting a few trees on the way round. But no he shot off in front and I had to keep telling to wait or slow down so his mum could catch up.

After one lap of the trail the wife and son went to get a drink and something to eat and I went of for another lap of the trail which included checking out a few other bits on the way round. Ended up spending about two hours out there on a warm Saturday morning.

Sunday mornings ride was the normal Throop Loop, kept bumping into another group of cyclist as I went round Hurn Forest we would meet up follow each other for a couple hundred yards and then go off in different direction only to meet up again a little further on.

During the last couple of rides I have been bugged by a creak from the bottom bearing area, I was confused by this as I fitted a new bottom bearing a few weeks ago and new pedals about 6 weeks before that. So today I decided to check the bottom bearing, I was not happy with what I found, the non-drive side bearing had very little grease in it, not only did it have very little grease it looked completely different sort of grease to what was in the drive side bearing. I decided to repack both bearing and then see what it feels\sounds like on my next ride, but I feel a grumpy letter coming on…..

Talking of grumpy letter, Virgin Media don’t reply to letter of complaint any more or so it seems. They have failed to reply to the one I sent on the 25th Sept. despite saying they will contact me within 5 days and the second letter I sent them on 6th Oct I still have not heard from them again despite being told they would contact me within 5 days. Why are communication companies the worst companies to contact, why am I becoming a grumpy old git?

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