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Trying to think of something different

OK lets play catchup, diet, losing weight but slowly but at least it is in the right direction. My knee, still not right but a lot better than it was, have to go for an x-ray on my knee (when I remember to book the appointment). Still not been out on the bike, either because of my knee or the lousy weather, hopefully next (Easter) weekend. Decorating, not finished yet but the end is in sight (by Good Friday) then we can get the new carpet laid. So that is what I have been up to for the last few weeks.

As far as decorating goes, the wife is already talking about the next room to be decorated (the bedroom). As you can imagine I am over the moon at this idea although it would be nice to get the damaged ceiling repaired after the water tank leak last year and to be perfectly honest. To be honest I did start decorating the bedroom some years ago (had to install some fitted wardrobes) and it never got finished. Not sure I am going to enjoys this.

Going back to cycling for a minute, since the new year I have amassed a small supply of new cycling bits. I have a new chain, new cassette (that is the nine gears on the rear wheel for you non-cycling readers), new chain rings (that is the three gears where you pedal) and new jockey wheels which will all be fitted once I have wrung the last once of life out of the current items. Two pairs of tyres, one pair I am using now and a pair for the summer. I have also purchased a new cycling helmet, a Mucky Nutz mudguard (click on the link if you don’t believe me), a pair of cycling shoes (something I have never had, always used old trainers) and finally a new pair of sun glasses and guess what? I am not even cycling at the moment, I think the last timed I rode my bike was on the 20th January, really need to sort this out.

Finally communication companies why are they so difficult to communicate with? I have fallen out with two of them in the last 24 hours. The first were 3 the mobile company, they have been chasing my daughter after a hic-up at the bank. She has phoned them and resolved the problem, but do you think they understand that? Not content with phoning the home phone everyday this past week they phoned the home phone 4 times yesterday (Saturday). On the third phone call the wife explained again that the daughter was not in and was at work and to please stop calling us. Well a little while later the 4th call arrived on our home phone. Again it came from a far east call centre where understanding what you were being asked or told is difficult enough. But I just exploded at the women on the phone, I told her that our daughter was not at home and she was working. I told her that I know my daughter had had a problem and she had contacted 3 and resolved the issue and that under no circumstance were they to call us again otherwise I would really blow my top. I think she might of userstood as we have not had another call………………..touch wood (an old style office desk).

Secondly I was trying to watch iPlayer last night and it started to buffer, the internet had been a bit slow for the past few days. So I went along to SpeedTest.Net and ran a test, below is the result


For those technophobes out there, I have a 10mbps connection the above results is very poor. Having recently found Virgin Media have a Facebook page I posted the above picture and asked what was going on. I went back to the Virgin media Facebook page about 20 minutes after posting and my post had been removed. Hope they are that quick to resolve problems when I phone them tomorrow.

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damm internet

Thursday was my day for my trip to head office, this involve me getting up early and leaving the house somewhere between 5:45am and 6am. Well this Thursday I got up early as usual checked my e-mails and checked on what the world had been doing while I slept (read the news) and then left for the long drive. About 7:30am I get a phone call from the wife, “the internet has gone down” I directed her in the normal course of action (turn the router off and wait at least 30 minutes before turning it back on again) while cursing Virgin Media under my breath. At 9:30am I got another call informing me it was still down, again I cursed Virgin media. Regular reader of my blog will know of my problems over the past few months with my Internet connection and Virgin media, so I started to prepare myself with a phone call to a call centre in the far east upon my return home.

Imagine my surprise then when I got home only to find my Internet connection was working but all the computer were unable to access the Internet unless they were on wireless. Turns out that my network switch had died at sometime between me leaving the house and the wife getting up. Worse still I did not have a spare network switch, or at least I did not think I had. It suddenly dawned on me while watching TV several hours later that I did have a 4 port network switch, which was older than the one that had died somewhere, yes it was somewhere……….

After searching several cardboard boxes box and storage containers I eventually found said switch sat on a table buried under a load of stuff, can’t remember when I last used it, let alone how it got on the table. So after 20 minutes of rummaging under the desk chasing cables and untying knots (exactly how do those knots get in those cables??) my network of PC’s were talking to the outside world again. I was unable to get a replacement network switch until today so have not been able to print or listen to my music.

I was due to call Virgin media on Friday but I was busy during the day and never got time to. Wednesday the 16th was the last date that Virgin media gave for fixing the problems and to be honest I am not sure if it has been fixed or not. I have not had the freezing web page updates that I was getting, but then it not as fast it has been so waiting till later next week to contact Virgin will give me a better idea if it is fixed or not.

Just hope that I don’t get any more problems with the Internet connection at home, I have had enough over the past few weeks.

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phone calls and rain

So there I was quietly working away at home on Monday and my mobile rings, nothing new there then, it normally never stops ringing. But surprise surprise it was Virgin Media Complaints department (yes the same department I have e-mailed twice without reply). First they apologised for not contacting me earlier, they have a back log of complaints (not something you want to broadcast). For the next 20 or so minute we discussed the problem I had and the work that Virgin are supposed to be doing, the end result is that the work is in hand with no time-scale, I currently have 1 month credit for the broadband and I will be calling in 4 weeks time to get another months credit if there is no improvement and will keep doing so until it is fixed. I think this will be going on for a few weeks yet…………

I have a few days of for the sons half term, so as he decided to he wanted to go with his aunt to Southampton, I was free to go for a bike ride…………in the rain. The day did not start well, I woke up the second the alarm went off and could not go back to sleep, I had planned to stay in bed till at least 8am but got up at 7:15. I went to get my GPS out and check the route I wanted was loaded on the gps and I could not get it to switch on. This meant a change of route so instead of the New Forest and exploring new routes I would go to Moors Valley and ride some bits I have not ridden for a 12 month or so. After loading the van in the rain I decided to give the gps one last chance and it worked, so it was Burley here I come.

I had packed my rain jacket and trousers ready for the onslaught but as there was very little rain when I set off, they stayed in my bag but I was expecting to be getting them out sooner rather than later. So I was more than a little surprised about an hour later to be taking my jumper off as the sun was out and I was getting a little warm. A short while later my gloves were taken off as my hand were sweating in my gloves (first time I have worn them since last winter). The route was a shorter version of the Autumn falling leaves ride, I was trying to avoid riding some of the roads (I’m a mountain biker not a roadie) and trying some alternative paths to the wide gravel fire roads. Well some of those paths were wet, muddy and flooded, it was er, interesting. I enjoyed my 20 miles round the forest, was expecting to get absolutely soaked but never got wet (if you don’t include anything below my knees).

More riding later in the week but apparently we are shopping tomorrow……….

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here I sit

I am not really sure where I should focus my mind at the moment, I don’t like looking back and thinking about what would of been had I done thing differently, I don’t want to look forward as that only make me think about forthcoming problems and I not happy where I am now.

This past week has been a strange week, a sort of lull before the storm, although I am not sure when the storm is going to hit. Work has been those sort of days when you are busy all day and then look back at the end of the day and nothing has been accomplished, you just spend the whole day dealing with lots of minor dead end problems. I am on holiday for the second part of next week and the first part of the following week but it looks at the moment that I am going to have to work on Saturday (the one in the middle of my holiday) again, work that one out!

I am living in a house of bugs, we had a phone call on Monday asking us to collect our son from school as he was unwell. Fortunately I was able to leave work and go and collect him, since then is has had a hacking cough. I was feeling below par earlier in the week. The wife felt under the weather in the middle of the week. The only one who has not been ill is the daughter and she been working long hours and overnight so she been temperamental because she is tired.

Virgin Media are really peeing me off, the internet problem I complained about back in May and contacted them again at the end of September and early October which they complete ignored is still on going. I have not contacted them yet as I know it won’t be a pleasant call to them. I am planning on doing it one day next week when I am on holiday but I will be more angry when I come off the phone than when I start……

I have done no riding this week, I had planned to go out one night this past week but forgot to put my light on charge (it takes over 18 hour to charge). Then I decided not to ride the following night as the weather forecast was iffy and it turned out to be a lovely night………well would of been had I gone out for a ride.

I am not happy with the bike at the moment, it has a creak and I can’t find it and I hate the sound of that creak as I pedal along. I spent this morning and the early part of the afternoon trying to find the creak to no avail. I popped into my local bike shop for some (creak resolution) advice, his advice was to go over everything I have done again. I picked up a few useful tips on the Mountain Bike Forum so I have a lot to do tomorrow and my son want to go for a ride although that will depend on how bad his cough is.

I think I am getting to that age when all you do is moan……………

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that did not go to plan

I went to bed on Friday night with a plan, in between going to sleep and waking up somebody binned it.

The day did not start well, I had intended to be up early as we were going for a ride and I wanted to beat the forecasted afternoon rain. I had even toyed with the idea of getting up early enough to watch the rugby, but waking up at 8:30am put pay to that idea. So after breakfast the three of us got ready to go for our ride. As were we loading the van my son suddenly started screaming in pain, at first I could not see what the problem was but I was soon made aware that I had just shut his finger in the cab door. Quickly opening the door and taking him indoors I put his hand under a running tap to wash the blood away and try and ascertain the damage. After calming him down the damage was not as bad as first feared, he could still bend his finger and it was only the top section of his finger (down to where his nail appear out of the finger) got trapped. On closer inspection with the door, it seems his finger was more like pinched than crushed, the coming months will let us know if he will loose the nail.

While we were sorting out my sons finger accident I was expecting the days riding to be called off but he was still keen to go riding with the aid of a plaster on his finger so who was I to stop him? We opted to go for a ride at Moors Valley around the Through the Woods trail. He has ridden it before but that was on his small bike, I was a bit concerned that with the wider handlebars he would be collecting a few trees on the way round. But no he shot off in front and I had to keep telling to wait or slow down so his mum could catch up.

After one lap of the trail the wife and son went to get a drink and something to eat and I went of for another lap of the trail which included checking out a few other bits on the way round. Ended up spending about two hours out there on a warm Saturday morning.

Sunday mornings ride was the normal Throop Loop, kept bumping into another group of cyclist as I went round Hurn Forest we would meet up follow each other for a couple hundred yards and then go off in different direction only to meet up again a little further on.

During the last couple of rides I have been bugged by a creak from the bottom bearing area, I was confused by this as I fitted a new bottom bearing a few weeks ago and new pedals about 6 weeks before that. So today I decided to check the bottom bearing, I was not happy with what I found, the non-drive side bearing had very little grease in it, not only did it have very little grease it looked completely different sort of grease to what was in the drive side bearing. I decided to repack both bearing and then see what it feels\sounds like on my next ride, but I feel a grumpy letter coming on…..

Talking of grumpy letter, Virgin Media don’t reply to letter of complaint any more or so it seems. They have failed to reply to the one I sent on the 25th Sept. despite saying they will contact me within 5 days and the second letter I sent them on 6th Oct I still have not heard from them again despite being told they would contact me within 5 days. Why are communication companies the worst companies to contact, why am I becoming a grumpy old git?

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