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xendistar OBE (again)

In other words I had an Over the Bars Experience on this morning ride and found myself giving the ground a close inspection. The basic are that on one section of the ride a nice member of the public has laid some scaffolding planks over some muddy ditches, the second ditch I cross has a hump made from a large tree root across the trail just before you drop onto the plank, my front wheel went over the root and onto the plank ok but the back wheel slid sideways across the root, this lend to the front wheel sliding off the plank and stopping when it hit the side of the ditch. I then went over the bars, with my legs being dragged over handle bars leaving a nice array of bruises (which I found when I got home). Once I had got back to my feet I checked out the planks and the root and both were very slippery. Not sure why my back wheel slid across the root, might have been because I have put my mud tyre on the bike now, maybe the fact they have a lower profile, a thin 2.0 instead of a large 2.25. Two things are for certain, I won’t be going that way again till summer (because those planks are lethal when slippery) and secondly I will be lowering the tyre pressures as the ride was a tad hard.

Apart from that the rest of the ride was just the norm, my legs felt very heavy after my OBE, not sure why. Had to content with a stiff easterly wind during the ride which dropped off just after I got back home. Mind you it not as bad as the cross winds these guys had to content with , watch for the guy trying to get on his bike!! (unfortunately the music is rubbish and in a foreign language)

My on going problems with Virgin Media are getting worse, apart from the main problem of not having a usable broadband connection from about 4pm onward during the week, we now have to periodically switch the router off and back on again because while the lights are on, nothing is working and today for the second time in 12 days we have completely lost the broadband service for several hours (from midday till 3:30pm today). I feel a Mr Angry moment coming on.

Hopefully I will make it out for a ride one night this week, not sure which one time and weather will tell.

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plans go out the window

This past week I had Monday and Tuesday as holiday. I have already blogged about the ride on Monday and that I had plans for riding Tuesday. Apparently that plan went out the window at about 9:15pm Monday night and 12:15am Tuesday morning. 9:15pm was when I was playing with my PC and broke it, I was fiddling with the operating system and done something I could not undo. To be honest I was not to concerned because I had been thinking of reinstalling a different operating system as I was not a 100% happy with the one I had.

So I went to bed knowing that at sometime on Tuesday I would have to install a new operating system on my PC. But as I slept I was unaware that our Virginmedia broadband connection crashed. I can be precise with the timing as the daughter was playing online on her xbox. So Tuesday morning when I came downstairs for breakfast, I was greeted with the words “morning, the internet don’t work” in stereo from my son and wife.

Now fumbling around with a broken Internet connection and a PC that won’t do what you want it to do over your fruit and fibre is not a good start to the day. It soon became apparent that the broadband connection would require a call to Virginmedia, that alone is enough to raise the blood pressure. I decided to phone early as my thought were a) get it sorted and still go out for a bike ride, b) it would be quieter earlier in the day rather than later in the day. So phoning Virginmedia involved one call getting lost in their phone menu system, a second call where I was told I would be on hold for 20 minute and the phone was answered within 30 seconds!! Unfortunately the fix was not as quick as their call answering.

The guy on tech support confirmed that I had no signal (well I knew that I told him) and apparently the problem was due to an on going issue in our area, oh the one I reported in May, the very same problem I have been discussions with Virginmedia’s complaint department!! Apparently the long term fix has now moved out to 16th November but my service should be restored shortly, how shortly I asked, shortly I was told, I hung up and decided to sort my PC.

Now I am fortunate as I have a Virginmedia’s cable broadband connection and a ADSL broadband connection (for work). Now this is where thing got worse, no matter what I did my PC did not want to talk to the ADSL line (needed to download updates etc.), when I did convince my PC to talk to the ADSL line (shortly after the threat to throw it out the window) it was slow.

Then I had to have three attempts to install the new operating system on my PC, I think it was because I still had this illusion that I was going out for a ride and I was rushing as I could see the time ticking away. By 3pm I had given up on the idea of going for a ride and decided to take out my frustration on Virginmedia’s tech support again as my connection was still not working, so I phoned them again.

Oh the joy, an Indian call centre, I had now lost the will to live. The happy young lady from India was not able to help at all, she could see that I had no connection and told me according to her records that I had been given a reconnection time of the 16th November, Pardon? “no sorry sir that should be 9am tomorrow morning, I’m sorry, I read the wrong bit!!”

I hung up and decided to watch afternoon TV, then the strangest thing happened, I was still flicking through the TV channels to find something to watch when I noticed that the lights on the router had come back on indicating there was an Internet connection connection. Now this is strange for just one reason, the last time I phoned Virginmedia tech support with a problem I got put through to the Indian call centre, exactly the same thing happened. They could not help me on the phone but within 5 minutes of putting the phone down the internet service was back up and running. It has been OK since, I say OK as we still have the same problem we have had since May.

The install of the operating system sped up once the PC was connected to the Virginmedia. But it does not matter how quickly you get the software installed on the PC it takes an absolute age to get all the programs and setting how you like it, for example, I have only just got my Google calendar back up and working with Thunderbird e-mail client tonight and there is still other bits to sort out.

I will post about today’s ride and tomorrow ride tomorrow night…………hopefully