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one is not amused

In fact I am pretty *issed off, it was weigh in night last night and as you can guess there was a gain on the cards, not a large one mind but a gain none the less. I just don’t understand what my body is playing at, at the moment, my weight is up and down like a damm yo-yo. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I have been keeping a food diary (you write down everything you eat meal by meal (snacks included) day by day) it makes you think about what you are eating and I had a good week in the sense of what I ate. I can accept a weight gain when I have over eaten or eaten the wrong stuff but not like this. At the end of the day the scales don’t lie!

I have a doctors appointments on Friday and I will bring this weight yo-yo-ing I am having at the moment, see if she can offer some form of explanation.

Well since my two rides at the weekend my back has been feeling fine which I am pleased about . I have just booked up to do one of the Wiggle Sportive ride in the New Forest on the 2nd Oct.. There is a choice of Road or MTB\Cyclo Cross, I have entered to do the Standard MTB route which is 25-ish miles (the link above is for that ride, you will need to look for the others). Which brings me to my next dilemma, water, energy drinks, energy bars and dieting. I really don’t know what to do about this at the moment, the last thing I want to do is to start drinking loads of calories but then again I don’t want to end up cramping like I did last time, I am open to suggestions.

Had to go and have blood test yesterday accept the nurse knew nothing about my appointment apart from the fact I was turning up at 11:05am, she was expecting me to have one of those little blood test bags with the form stuck to the front of it. Fortunately between what the doctor told me and the doctors notes the nurse was able to work out what was required and took three sample from my arm. Back to the doctors on Friday for the results.

Today’s work was a drive to Tewkesbury to sort out a network issue and a printing problem, finished quicker than I had expected so went over to the head office at Willersey to collect a dead PC and take it back for repair even though I am at Willersey tomorrow. Had I left the collection of the dead PC till tomorrow I would have to wait till Thursday to get it into the repair shop.

Early to bed tonight as I will be up early tomorrow morning, now the summer has gone it is dark when I leave now.

Finally, a certain person has not subscribed to my blog, you know who you are, I only have to mention frozen Curly Wurlys and Belly Dancing and I can see your blushing face from here……………….

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well that was unexpected……….

It was weigh in night tonight and I lost!! If you are wondering why I sound surprised well last week I had expected a loss and gained, this week I had expected another gain and lost, sometimes it just does not make sense. I am now at my lowest weight for a long time but I still have not cleared the 18st barrier it is a bit like being on a bit of elastic, I get close and then shoot back up work my way down a little further, shoot back up………….

Also annoyed on the bike front, been keeping my eyes open for a second hand bike but nothing had come up. Seeing as my rear wheel was causing me problems and the fact that the wheel I wanted was on special offer I decided to buy a new rear wheel for my other bike. So what did I see advertised yesterday, only the bike that I would of bought had I not bought the wheel. If it was not for bad luck I would not have any luck.

Will post another update later in the week after an evening ride.

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bad follows good, just as night follows day

After euphoria of the riding on Sunday, last night was the return to earth with a bump, it was weigh in night, despite cycling 77 miles since the last weigh in I have gained half a pound. Now I know I drank a fair bit of liquid yesterday and I ate a couple of energy foods on Sunday which I guess are not diet friendly but I had them for a good reason. As for the rest of the week I was good (or at least I believed I was), so should I have expected to have gained weight? Now I know there is the old adage that muscle is heavier than fat but I have no real way of measuring this and now to be honest I am becoming a little dishearten by this diet lark.

I think it is time to sit in a dark room and have a good long think………….


its not improving…………..

Monday night weigh was another gain, I was expecting as much so was not really surprised. Just don’t seem to be able to get my head around it all at the moment.

Went out for a ride on Wednesday night on the road to get a bit of practice for Sunday, 16 miles in 70 minutes which included a couple of stops, according to the gps averaged 12mph, was reasonable happy with that.

Here one of the pictures from Saturday trip to Westward Ho!

two wheeling the buggy with no hands
Look mum no hands

The rest of the photos can be found in my gallery

British heart foundation banner

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I’m beginning to wonder

It was weigh in night tonight and as you can guess from the title it was not a good weigh in. I gained, only a pound but I can’t understand why? I am eating more sensibly, I’m eating less, I am riding 30 + plus miles over a weekend and I’m still putting “bleep” weight on, sorry I am so wound up over this I am scaring myself. I spent years not giving a toss about my weight or my health but now I am becoming dam paranoid about my weight loss or more to the point the lack off.

At the moment I am at a loss with what to do, I’m really struggling to understand why and with life as it is at the moment I am getting to the stage I am beginning to wonder if the weight loss is worth it?

Now add in the fact I did not have a good evening yesterday and had a very late night, work started harassing me early, well they would of done if I was awake, the alarm went off and as I was working from home today I turned the alarm off, bad move. By the time I awoke a second time, got up (I felt like a zombie) and then found my mobile (which was not hard really as it was flashing like a hazard light), I had a three answer phone messages, three text messages telling me I had three answer phone messages as well as a list of three missed calls on my phone, all from work. They only wanted to tell me a phone system had died and wanted to know what was I going to do about it? Well despite the fact that I had sent the manager the relevant contact details of whom to phone in an event like this in the past, despite the fact that the contact details are on the front of the phone system box on the wall, they still phone me (and a director to tell him they have a dead phone system, who then phones me) to tell me they don’t know who to phone! I knew I should of stayed in bed.

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